My First Entry

All right, this is my first post. Just to let you know my name is The Manoman and as my title states I love the Yankees, Rays, and Major League Baseball. Crazy right? 2 different types of teams, one a big spender, one a smaller market team. I live in the North-East and up until the 2007 offseason I was a total Yankee fan and then once the Rays got Garza and Bartlett and changed the uniforms I was convinced they were going to be dominant in the AL East and what do you know they’re AL Champions. My very wise father actually predicted this before me, so I got to give him the credit. I’ll be posting alot from now on so get ready as I am a complete baseball fan. GO MLB!!!!  

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  1. Hey,
    Thanks for commenting on my page. You’re page is great and jam packed with info. I have on question. What are your projections for the NL East??

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