Burrell, Baldelli, Bradley… Oh My!


Judy Garland as Dorothy Gale in



                                              Wow. Didn’t see that coming.

That was unexpected. The Rays recently signed former Philly ouitfielder Pat-the-Bat Burrell to a 2 year $16 million contract. Pat hit 33 homers and had 86 R.B.I.’s for the Phillies in 2008 but also sported a meager .250 batting average. Pat is sure to secure the Rays D.H. role for the next two years with steady 25-30 homer range production. Pat shows that he is dedicated to this team as he agreed to donate some money from his contract to the Rays official charity.                                                                      

 Tampa Bay Rays Lineup 2009                                           Tampa Bay Rotation 2009 


                                                  The New Guy                                  

  1. Akinori Iwamura (2B)                                                     1. Scott Kazmir 
  2. Carl Crawford (LF)                                                         2. James Shields 
  3. B.J. Upton (CF)                                                            3. Matt Garza                      
  4. Evan Longoria (3B)                                                       4. Andy Sonnastine
  5. Carlos Pena (1B)                                                          5. David Price
  6. Pat Burrell (DH)
  7. Dioner Navarro (C)
  8. Jason Bartlett (SS)
  9. Fernando Perez (RF)                         


                                       Chicago Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley smiles as he is introduced ... 

The man above is a wanted criminal for getting a steal on his 3 year 30 million dollar contract.

If seen, please call the Dormant Cubs or go to www. what the heck did you just do? .com 


That was what some Cubs fans felt after the news that Milton Bradley was going to their team for 3 years 30 million dollars. Others felt it was the best thing they could do for their team. One of my only concerns for the Cubs is that Bradley has an injury plagued history but if he doesn’t receive any injuries he is sure to be a nice addition to the Cubs lineup as their right fielder. Unlike Burrell expect 15-20 homers as he is moving from a hitter’s friendly park to a neutral park.


                                      Rocco Baldelli by dbadair. 

Last but not least, my man, Rocco Baldelli. He is a great man and has overcome many obstacles to get to where he is today. I am so happy that he was mis-diagnosed with the mitochondrial disease as it is a non-treatable disease. Rocco signed for a one year 500,000 dollar deal with the Red Sox but that doesn’t matter since my cousin lives up there. He will probably be a fourth outfielder but as long as he’s happy with it I’m happy with it. 

Best wishes Rocco! Rock on!

The Manoman  

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  1. I hope that Baldelli is on the way to good health! He will be a good addition to the team.


  2. mbonnes3@aol.com

    It’s good news to hear that Baldelli doesn’t have Mito, when did that news come out? I’ve always liked him as a player, and you had to get real excited when he hit that homer in the series. imangine that, only 80 at bats in the regular season, and he hits a pinch hit homer in the the world series! Best of luck to him (not the sox) in the upcoming season. When do pitchers and catchers report? Who do you think is more expendable Nady or Swisher. I thought Nady was a good fit last year, and was kind of hoping he’d be in pinstripes this season. He reminds me of the players that played in the late 90’s.
    Marshall B

  3. Julia,
    You are right he will be a good addition to your Socks even though I don’t really like them but baseball is for the love of the game and rivalries are just another portion to it. Enjoy Baldelli!

    The Manoman

  4. Hey Marshall B,

    Welcome to my blog. It seems that you are enjoying it and that’s pretty cool. Unfortunately I can’t answer your question on when pitchers and catchers report since as of now only the Indians have announced their reporting dates. You can go to http://springtrainingonline.com to find out more info. For your question on who I think is more expendable you’ll just have to see in one of my future posts. 🙂

    The Manoman

  5. The Burrell signing is not expected, but a huge bonus considering the amount of money and years on the contract. I like you lineup, but there are a few things that might not happen with it.

    There is a movement to put Upton second, with Pena, then Longoria in the lineup. Crawford would bat after Burrell, who will protect Longoria’s slot. Also the right field job might not be Perez’s even though he earned it in 2008 with his clutch running and hitting while up with the big club.

    If Gabe Gross is traded, then it will be a fight between the speedy Perez and Matt Joyce for that slot. If it comes down to that, Joyce wins on experience and right-handed power.

    Great blog though, I like your style of thinking here.

    Rays Renegade


  6. Hey Rays Renegade,

    Thanks for the compliment. I really enjoy reading your blog so it means alot to me. You know I was thinking about putting Upton 2nd, Pena 3rd, Burrell 5th, and Crawford 6th but I decided that Pena would be better off protecting Longoria and Burrell following him. I put Crawford 2nd because he has alot of speed and makes great contact and I put B.J. 3rd because after this past postseason I feel that he has unlocked the key to his power potential. Personally I hope Perez or Joyce win the job but preferably Perez because I think he is the next B.J. Upton with his speed and hidden power potential at the time.

    The Manoman

  7. Keep up the good blogging, Manoman!


  8. Will do Mark!

    The Manoman

  9. Great story on MB, he will not be as good as they think. It is me, cheeky (again)

  10. Nice post. You got the true essence of the power and the abilities these three can bring to baseball…. and more. All three of these signings will improve the teams more than they expect in 2009.

    Burrell is the right-handed bat the Rays needed in 2008, but 2009 he will protect Longoria and be the DH the Rays have missed since Fred McGriff retired.

    Bradley is just going to be a monster in that lineup. For some reason the guy has redefined himself and gets angry only at himself now……..what a change!

    Baldelli will fight and scratch and win a spot in the Red Sox outfield out of spring training. He is finally feeling like he did in 2004, and that is a bad thing for the rest of the American League. Ellsbury might be pressed by Baldelli who used to be a good up and coming center fielder for the Rays back in the days.

    All three of the “B-baoys will have a banner year in 2009. And baseball is better with them out there hitting the daylights out of the ball.

    Rays Renegade


  11. A blog about the Yankees and Rays. Cool!

    As far as I can tell, Pat Burrell is not much more than a Mets killer. It remains to be seen how he’ll do with the Rays. Bradley will tear things up in 2009, as long as he can keep his head on straight. Baldelli was mis-diagnosed, but it sounds like he’ll still only have enough strength to be a fourth outfielder.

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