Orioles are Flying High With Their Off-Season Moves

Is it just me or are the Orioles making some decent moves to improve their team? I mean I know they are big splashes like CC, AJ, or Teix but they are making some small partially under the radar, bargain moves. From signing Uehara to trading for Pie (not real pie,it’s actually pronounced Felix Pe-a) the Orioles are making some nice moves to improve their team, similar to the Red Sox. The Orioles also signed Gregg Zaun, to have as a backup if Wieters isn’t ready, and traded for Ryan Freel which should give them some more outfield depth. Nick Markakis is also really close to agreeing to a 6 year deal worth about 65 million and with that the Orioles are locking up one of their key young players. The Orioles signed Mark Hendrickson earlier this offseason and he should fit nicely into their rotation. The Orioles have a nice little power tandem with Huff and Markakis and a proven base stealer in Roberts, but they might need at least one more pitcher to hlp this team garner some inprovement in the tough division they’re playing in known as the AL East. They could go for a bargain like Josh Fogg or Livan Hernandez, or rekindle talks with the White Sox about Gavin Floyd for Brian Roberts. Either way, it’s good to know that the Orioles are doing something to help improve their team.


                                                  The Manoman                        

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  1. The Orioles got a great deal with Zaun. There was talk for a while that the Red Sox might have been interested in them, but it appears that we will have Varitek back. Is it spring yet??


  2. Hey Julia,
    This year Spring starts on Friday March 20th. You’re right the Orioles got a great deal for Zaun. He will probably serve as a backup to Wieters or if Wieters struggles, the Orioles temporary catcher until Wieters gets back on track.

    Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
    The Manoman

  3. fenway fruitgirl

    Very nice blog. I am impressed, boy do I have lots of work to do. The Red Sox just picked-up Rocco Baldelli (coolest name in baseball) – can you tell me why the Rays did not want to sign him again? Is his disability really bad? I like the Orioles a lot. They are a cool team, Millar is crazy! He is missed in Boston, he used to get the team, and the fans going with his jokes. It used to be that a player would remain with his team for his whole career, or try to….now it’s all about money and power/value. It’s like the GM’s are trading thoroughbreds instead of humans!!
    I really like Joba Chamberlain, he is a power guy. I liked Mussina too (awesome career) .
    I’d better stop now about the Yankees for fear of my life!
    That way we have something to talk about next time.

  4. redstatebluestate

    Welcome to MLBlogs. How does one root for both the Yankees and Rays? Doesn’t seem to make sense. I’m curious…

  5. Fruitgirl,
    To my understanding the Rays didn’t want to sign him again
    because they felt they had a “crowded” outfield and didn’t want to sign him if he was going to be in a really small role for the team. Baldelli was mis-diagnosed with a mitochondrial disease and actually has channel-opothy which is a non progressive, highly treatable, disease so it isn’t as bad as originally suspected.

    The Manoman

  6. Jeff,
    You’re right it is interesting to see how I like both the Yankees and the Rays. In my first entry I posted that I originally just liked the Yankees, since I live in the North-East, but after they got Garza and Bartlett and obtained new uniforms I was interested in the Rays and I liked how they build their team from scratch into success while I also like how the Yankees will do whatever it takes to improve and help their team though they are spending alot on CC, A.J., and Teixeira.
    The Manoman

  7. I would not be too suprised if they were like last year’s Rays. Did you hear about the signing of Dunn.
    Cheeky http://cheeky.mlblogs.com

    P.S. On that comment on “A-Rod A-Fraud”, I feel disgusted at him. Sorry. Well, at least he did the right thing by admiting it

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