Early Division Predictions: NL East

Due to the request of Mets Boy I am going to do my early division predictions for the NL East.                                            Here we go:

  1.  Mets
  2.  Phillies
  3.  Braves
  4.  Marlins
  5.  Nationals

Key Players

Mets-  K-Rod, Beltran, Wright, Reyes, Santana

Phillies- Hamels, Utley, Lidge, Howard, Rollins

Braves- Kotchman, McCann, Lowe, Escobar, Vazquez, Jones

Marlins: Han-Ram, Hermida, Johnson (Josh), Uggla, Maybin

Nationals: Zimmerman, Milledge, Balester


Mets: 94-68


Braves: 87-75

Florida: 84-78

Nationals: 77-85

Cool Team Logos:

New York Mets MLB Pewter Trailer Hitch Cover by Half-Time Ent.

Go to fullsize image

Go to fullsize image


                                        Pitchers and catchers report in two weeks!


                                                        The Manoman 

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  1. Yeah! Only 2 more weeks! And after the snow of today – I really can’t wait for Spring!


  2. Julia,
    It’s almost here!
    The Manoman

  3. I think the Phils will win!

  4. Cheeky,
    You never know man, you never know.
    The Manoman

  5. mbonnes3@aol.com

    I’m glad they signed Bruney, He’s got a rocket and looked real good last year. We’re almost to the season when pitchers and catchers report. I can’t wait! Mets and Phillies better watch out for the Braves this year, they may suprise alot of people.
    Marsh o Man

  6. ireland21@rocketmail.com

    Yeah i disagree with the standings even though it should be a good battle with the Mets and the Phillies again, but I still don’t think the Mets have enough yet to beat the Phillies unless the Mets get another good starting pitcher.

  7. Marsh o Man,
    You have a very creative name and it’s very original. 🙂
    I’m glad we got Bruney too and pitchers and catchers are reporting real soon!
    I can’t wait!
    The Manoman

  8. Ireland,
    As you can see by the records, the Mets and the Phils are really close and basically it could go either way. Now that the Mets got Ollie Perez I think they are going to win the NL East.
    The Manoman

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