The Big Debate: Manny or No Manny?

Now the Hot Stove has cooled down and general managers are waiting, but everyone wants to know, who will sign this guy. Where do you guys think Manny will go?

                                                      The Manoman

Manny Ramirez by horowitzisaac. 

Manny Being Manny by StarrGazr.

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  1. I guess you want our opinions – well we learned today that the Yankees can’t sign Manny because they can’t sign any more Type A & B free agents (I think that’s correct) and I know the Mets fans held a rally for Manny last night – so I think that means Manny will probably end up BACK with the Dodgers! Seriously – who KNOWS where Manny will end up!


  2. I think Manny’s going to stay in Los Angelas. No one really seems to want him, for some reason, but I think the Dodgers will keep him. Plus without Manny the Dodgers would of done a lot worse probably not making it to the potseason.


    I think Manny is going to stay with the Dodgers, but who knows.

  4. Believe it or not. (At first I didn’t believe it but then I was eventually convinced) The Yankees can still sign Manny I think though that he’s going to sign with the Dodgers as they offered him a 1 yr 25 million dollar contract and that’s the only one on the table so far.
    The Manoman

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