Extra! Extra! My Blog Was On the MLB.com Homepage!

Now the Hot Stove has cooled down and general managers are waiting… Where do you guys think Manny will go?

— MLB -Yankees-Rays…Forever
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I would like to thank all of my readers, especially Julia, Marsh o Man, Dan/ Cheeky, and Mark, for making my blog on the MLB.com Homepage!!!
It is a great honor and I really appreciate it. Here is how I discovered this epic honor:
It was February 2nd 2009, I was tired, sleepy, and getting ready to go to sleep when I decided to go onto the internet one last time for the day. I decided I wanted to take a peek at MLB.com and see if there were any major signings that happened. Once I discovered that there were none I was going to go to sleep when I thought, why not go and see if I have any more comments? I scrolled down the screen very slowly, as I was tired you see, and what I saw completely woke me up from my midnight gaze. There it was, right there on the website, a comment from my Manny post. I rubbed my eyes again to make sure I wasn’t dreaming    ( I have had some crazy dreams like this before) and I was not. “Oh my gosh!!!!” I said jumping up and down. I was in complete astonishment, and better yet, when I checked my blog I had about 5 new comments! I was amazed and I thought I would faint in joy. Talk about having a great night’s sleep, huh?

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On a side note… Manny just rejected a 1 year $25 million deal from the Dodgers. Who knows what his is looking for in today’s economy?
                     Minnesota State College and Universities 

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var standingsMiniNL = new GridManager(‘standingsMiniNL’,’standingsTableNL’);

var theDivision=getDivision();

var randStatA = getRandArrVal([“avg”, “hr”, “rbi”]);
var randStatB = getRandArrVal([“w”, “era”, “k”]);
var leagueLeadersSrc = “/mlb/components/home/y2008/ministats.jsp?statA=” + randStatA + “&statB=” + randStatB;

Now the Hot Stove has cooled down and general managers are waiting… Where do you guys think Manny will go?

— MLB -Yankees-Rays…Forever
                          1 week remaining until pitchers and catchers report!
                                                The Manoman

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  1. CONGRATS! Glad that I could help!


  2. Thanks Julia!
    The Manoman

  3. Mark is a good judge of talent and great blogging.

    that is why he is the Professor of the paragraph. MLBlogs.com has always done a great job of finding that hidden talent and brought him to the spotlight. It was your time and you did shine.

    Just keep up the great work and you will get there again. Trust me on that.

    Rays Renegade


  4. Manoman – Congrats on you #6 Ranking in the latest Leader’s list!


  5. Congrats, I was on there a few times and it was a complete surprise for me too. It’s so cool to be able to tell your family and friends that you have a quote on the front page on MLB.com!! And congrats on #6 as well!

  6. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Is it just that he wants more years? Will he settle for less money if there were more years? Will Manny sign before Spring Training? The questions go on and on! Congrats on being on the front!

  7. Rays Renegade,
    Thanks for the positive encouragement. You have an amazing blog and I like how you go in depth with all of your posts.
    The Manoman

  8. Julia and Kaybee,
    Thanks for the congratulations! I hope I am in the top 30 next week!
    The Manoman

  9. Elizabeth,
    I think Manny might want a 2 year deal with at least $20 million a year. As I said before, who knows what Manny’s thinking???
    The Manoman

  10. Tyco,
    Thanks, your blog’s pretty cool and you might end up on the homepage soon.
    The Manoman

  11. mbonnes3@aol.com

    Congratulations!! You have a great blog and you should be proud of yourself. Are you going to touch this A-Rod debacle? I’ll be keeping up with your blog as usual. I always enjoy it.

  12. Congrats!
    I actually looked at your Blog when that quote was up…I now check it reguraly 🙂

  13. Congrats on being on the homepage!!! Check out my blog as I am in dire need of some comments ha ha!!! Go Yanks!!!

  14. Marshall,
    Thanks for the congrats. I just posted on my page on the “great” A-Rod debacle so be sure to take a peek.
    The Manoman

  15. Denyankfan,
    You have a great blog. To get more commenters leave your web address when you comment on other people’s blog to get them to come to yours.
    The Manoman

  16. Congrats, bud!! Mine was on the board too, twice. At #4, and #9


  17. Thanks for mentioning me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m suprised that you actually consider me as one of your top bloggers. Thanks!!!!

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