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The Grand Finale

Here it is ladies and gentlemen: The Grand Finale!

small fireworks by ryoryozo.

(You’ll see alot more of these later)

For this first one, you might have just watch and astonish as here is… Ryan Braun!!!

braun by KL Snow.

This is a man of many names and titles, what what I’d like to call him is A-Roid! A-Rod!

2008 MLB All-Star Game, Alex Rodriguez by ben_lei.

There are alot of “Rams” in baseball but this is the best of all. Now presenting, the one and only, Han-Ram!!

Hanley Ramirez by srcohiba.

I think the time is “Wright” for this one. So now welcoming… David Wright!!!

David Wright by joshuasarner.

Now announcing, the king of baseball… Albert Pujols!!!

Albert Pujols by WildChild1976.

He has a great attitude, deals with the team’s controversy, and is a great clutch hitter. Here is the Yankee Captain himself, Derek Jeter!!!

Derek Jeter by Keith Allison.

Up next is a true Yankee legend that is a definite Hall of Famers and our future save leader…Mariano Rivera!

Mariano Rivera by sdjeetyet.

Now… the moment you’ve all been waiting for… ny number 1 player… is……

Evan Longoria by queenv918.

Evan Longoria!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s the end of the show for now. Enjoy the fireworks!

Fireworks Festival 2 by purpleflames.

Till next time!

The Manoman

Manoman’s Top 20 (10-9)

I promised you a list didn’t I? We even pinky sweared.(Sort of…)


 I Promise by maseguardoilmondoatestaingiu.

So here it is. The part 2!

Number 2 Mosaic by hannah.aviva.

Let the show begin!!!

Cirque Shanghai by ohroxy.

At number 10 is “The Natural”. He crushes balls out of the park and is an inspiration to many. Josh….Hamilton!!!

Josh Hamilton by Keith Allison.

 Next at Number 9 is a player that is very well known. He could be the ace of this decade and may be a Hall of Famer one day… Johan “the Zohan” Santana!

mets vs cardinals @ roger dean by theskywatcher.

Don’t mess with him.

The Manoman

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The Future of the Top 20

The fate of the Top 20 is not in my hands anymore.

Praying Hands by Lucid Nightmare.

They are in the computer’s.

Apple Computer by sigmathguru.

Will it let me post all of my Top 10 at once? Only destiny can decide.

destiny by ~lenny.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

The Manoman


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Fantastic Fantasy Frenzy!!

It’s fantasy time and I’m going crazy!!!

     Going crazy by martbeee.

That’s right it’s fantasy time!!!

Mr. Happy Clock by faeryboots *away for the weekend!*.

Will I get Longo, CC, Rivera, Upton? You’ll just have to read on to find out…

Reading books: Only Sky's the Limit! by Seite-3.

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 My game plan:

The Game Plan (2007) by CCY0927.

I want to get a quality 3B in the 1st round since my keeper is Ryan Braun and I am picking last then with the 1st pick of the 2nd round I want to get a 2B.

What I had in mind was:

AAAA8833 by Keith Allison.


Warming Up by KAZ Mom.

Though what I got was…

Evan Longoria celebrates by dbadair.


Ian Kinsler. by paperbag_face.

Why not end this post with a little laughter huh?

Laughter by metrognome0.



Monkey by Stuck in Customs.

Live happy.

The Manoman



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Baseball Happenings

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. There has been a lot of buisness going on…

Baseball bokeh by Ames2880.

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                              1.Manny made his debut with the Dodgers (again)

Manny being Manny by yNOT 36.

2. Fernando Perez injured his left wrist and will be out for 3 months
.not exactly a happy ray by Boston Wolverine.
3. Julia won her bet against Scott!!!
.Red Sox Universe by Kirpernicus.
It’s becoming the Red Sox Universe!
Milo says:
 Due to an unexpected occurence the mock draft is being canceled. 😦  I am sorry if this causes any inconvienience to you.
The Manoman

Super Shields is the Rays Opening Day Starter

Talk about a big game pitcher huh? 2 years ago, he won 12 games, last year he won 14 games, this year he will probably win 16 games. Who am I talking about you ask? No one other than this guy right here.

James Shields pregame by dbadair.

James Shields. He is the Rays Opening Day Starter as officially declared by Joe Maddon last week. It looks like Kaz isn’t our ace anymore after all. So what will the rotation look like then? Well here it is…

James Shields1. Righty James Shields

Scott Kazmir2. Lefty Scott Kazmir
Matt Garza3. Righty Matt Garza
Andy Sonnanstine4. Righty Andy Sonnastine
player5. Lefty David Price
Talk about a killer rotation.
So what did the trade of Edwin Jackson do for the Rays?
1. It made Jackson go bye bye 
Edwin Jackson AL Champion Rays.jpg

Now don’t get me wrong, Jackson was and still is a good player. The problem is that there was no room for him in Tampa Bay’s rotation. Right now there are still about 5 guys vying for that rotation spot, besides Price


(That AL Championship shirt will probably be the last one will ever wear in his career.)



2. We got Matt Joyce.


Matt Joyce.jpg 

Matt Joyce is a great player and a stellar addition to the Rats team. I think the Rays should have let Gabe Gross go after this because they have Gross, Joyce, Perez, and Ruggiano all going for that one spot. The Rays also could have then used Perez and Joyce in a platoon for that spot. The best part about him is that we have him for 5 more years at an affordable price.

We should all just Rejoice with Joyce.


off to tampa bay by Boston Wolverine.

3. We opened up a spot for our Future Ace

DPrice.png David Price image by Blacksburg2010

Do I need to say any more?

 I’m going to say a classic that I found to finish up this post.

2007 Draft Pick-$1

Fastball-97 mph

Rookie Contract-14 million

Making it happen-

David Priceless

The Manoman 

Manoman’s Top 20 (20-11)

This is the first entry of a 2 part series titled Manoman’s Top 20

 I was thinking about doing something like:

  • The Top Awesome Players That Are Now Playing Today
  • My Grand Slam Crew of Active Baseball Players

            I was even thinking of doing something like…

  •            The 20 Most Spectacular Men That Are Playing the Game of Baseball Today

                              (thankfully I didn’t go there)

So with that, let’s get on with the list!!!



Adrian Gonzalez.jpg

20. Adrian Gonzalez 1B

Always flying under the radar and puts up great numbers at the massive Petco Park.


Dustin Pedroia.jpg

19.Dustin Pedroia 2B

The “Little Man” had great numbers in 2008 and he won the MVP Award. Even though he is a Red Sox, I like him because he shows so much determination and dediication to the game of baseball.

Determination by Dad_the_Jedi.

Nick Markakis

18. Nick Markakis RF

He is a consistent threat at the plate and makes great plays in the outfield.


Nick Markakis dove to catch a short fly ball off the bat of Mark Loretta.

Grady Sizemore.jpg
17. Grady Sizemore CF

Grady is a great young hitter with 40-40 potential and he is very exciting to watch on the field.


Cleveland Indians center fielder Grady Sizemore sacrificed...


David Price MLB.jpg
 16. David Price SP

David is an amazing young pitcher who is going to be the next Johan Santana. He has electric stuff and is the future ace of the Rays.


David Price.jpg 


Jorge Posada.jpg
 15. Jorge Posada C


He is a homegrown Yankee who has played with the club for more than 10 years now. He also provides great leadership and order to the pitching staff and is cool to watch in the game.




Ichiro Suzuki.jpg14. Ichiro Suzuki RF

I like how Ichiro plays the game and he is practically a guarantee to get on base every time he is at bat. He has gold glove caliber fielding and he is a steals machine.

Ichiro Suzuki by strobist. 


CC Sabathia.jpg13. CC Sabathia SP

CC is now in N.Y.C. and with him comes at least 15 victories and a great attitude. I feel like he is one of my “home boys”.


.<img class="imgcentro" id="image306376" alt="



Mark Teixeira.jpg

12. Mark Teixeira 1B

Mark is an up-beat kind of guy that brings his best to the field every game and always has a smile on his face.

Summer Super Smile by Marcus Vegas..
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.Tim Lincecum.jpg

11. Tim Lincecum SP
“The Freak” is a phenomenal young stud that blows hitters away with his impressive arsenal of pitches. Admit it, he looks like a kid and yet he still dominates guys that are in their 30’s.
.Tim Lincecum by burn_your_wings.2113.
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The W.B.C. is almost here!
The Manoman