Super Shields is the Rays Opening Day Starter

Talk about a big game pitcher huh? 2 years ago, he won 12 games, last year he won 14 games, this year he will probably win 16 games. Who am I talking about you ask? No one other than this guy right here.

James Shields pregame by dbadair.

James Shields. He is the Rays Opening Day Starter as officially declared by Joe Maddon last week. It looks like Kaz isn’t our ace anymore after all. So what will the rotation look like then? Well here it is…

James Shields1. Righty James Shields

Scott Kazmir2. Lefty Scott Kazmir
Matt Garza3. Righty Matt Garza
Andy Sonnanstine4. Righty Andy Sonnastine
player5. Lefty David Price
Talk about a killer rotation.
So what did the trade of Edwin Jackson do for the Rays?
1. It made Jackson go bye bye 
Edwin Jackson AL Champion Rays.jpg

Now don’t get me wrong, Jackson was and still is a good player. The problem is that there was no room for him in Tampa Bay’s rotation. Right now there are still about 5 guys vying for that rotation spot, besides Price


(That AL Championship shirt will probably be the last one will ever wear in his career.)



2. We got Matt Joyce.


Matt Joyce.jpg 

Matt Joyce is a great player and a stellar addition to the Rats team. I think the Rays should have let Gabe Gross go after this because they have Gross, Joyce, Perez, and Ruggiano all going for that one spot. The Rays also could have then used Perez and Joyce in a platoon for that spot. The best part about him is that we have him for 5 more years at an affordable price.

We should all just Rejoice with Joyce.


off to tampa bay by Boston Wolverine.

3. We opened up a spot for our Future Ace

DPrice.png David Price image by Blacksburg2010

Do I need to say any more?

 I’m going to say a classic that I found to finish up this post.

2007 Draft Pick-$1

Fastball-97 mph

Rookie Contract-14 million

Making it happen-

David Priceless

The Manoman 

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  1. Like the rotation – let’s see how you do at Fenway this year! 😉



    I like that classic finish to this post

  3. crazy19canuck

    Kaz will always be our ace. At least to me!

  4. Price is clearly the one that scares me the most, because if he comes close to realizing his potential, the staff is truly scary. It’s going to be a great race in the AL East this year. With the pitching staffs of Boston, New York, and Tampa, there’s going to be quite a few 1-0, 2-1 type of games. May the best team win!


  5. Price will not break camp with the big team and head to Boston. He will however be the first person recalled, or even brought up from Durham possibly after May 1st.

    Just like Longoria, this is an attempt to stop his arbitration clock by a year. This is one of the ways the Rays have been able to hold onto some of these guys for so long. the guys get a bit of extra change knowing they are going down for a bit.

    Last year it was the long term deal for Longoria. Price is already signed to a major league contract and is paid above the minimum even as a rookie. Because Hammel and Niemann do not have options, the Rays are not going to just put them on waivers and lose them without getting something for them, even prospects.

    I would say that is a clear 2010 rotation baring injury or a trade without a doubt.

    Rays Renegade

  6. Hey, I have work on Saturday from 5-10:30 and the only way I would be able to do the draft is if you held it earlier or on another day.

  7. happyyoungster

    I can’t agree with you more! David Price is a superstar in the making. In fact, my rather no-brainer prediction of him winning the 2009 Rookie of the Year award proves it! I’m really looking forward to seeing Price for a full season. Although, some say he may not be up until May or June. We’ll soon see!!

  8. I would love to join your mock draft but right now I’m in NYC. In about two hours I will be leaving for France so it would be around midnight here. Thanks anyway


  9. Can I be jealous of Bob now? Please?

  10. Hey I not real sure how you are gonna pull off a mock draft on your blog, but I am almost sure I won’t be home for it, but I will let u know if anything changes

  11. Hey Manoman – Thanks for the invite! I can’t commit right now – don’t know if you saw when you stopped by my blog today – but my oldest son’s basket ball team’s in the playoff and if they make the championship – we have a second game to play today. I’ll try to stop by.


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