Fantastic Fantasy Frenzy!!

It’s fantasy time and I’m going crazy!!!

     Going crazy by martbeee.

That’s right it’s fantasy time!!!

Mr. Happy Clock by faeryboots *away for the weekend!*.

Will I get Longo, CC, Rivera, Upton? You’ll just have to read on to find out…

Reading books: Only Sky's the Limit! by Seite-3.

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 My game plan:

The Game Plan (2007) by CCY0927.

I want to get a quality 3B in the 1st round since my keeper is Ryan Braun and I am picking last then with the 1st pick of the 2nd round I want to get a 2B.

What I had in mind was:

AAAA8833 by Keith Allison.


Warming Up by KAZ Mom.

Though what I got was…

Evan Longoria celebrates by dbadair.


Ian Kinsler. by paperbag_face.

Why not end this post with a little laughter huh?

Laughter by metrognome0.



Monkey by Stuck in Customs.

Live happy.

The Manoman



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  1. Nice draft. I got Johan with a 16th pick.

  2. Nice Entry.
    It made me laugh, at the end.

  3. I am not really Scott Sizemore. It is an inside joke from the fantasy draft we had.

  4. I kept Ryan Braun as my keeper to in my league.
    But unfortunately some one got Longoria with the pick right before me in the second round.
    I agree that Ian Kinsler will have a better year in 2009. He was so consisitent towards the end of the year it was scary.
    But we will see what Longo has to offer here real soon on Sunday, when the real pressure will be on that entire team to win one more and then take the finals of the WBC.

    It is going to be fun Sunday!!!!

    Rays Renegade

  5. Sadly – that’s pretty much how my draft went last weekend! lol!


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