Manoman’s Top 20 (10-9)

I promised you a list didn’t I? We even pinky sweared.(Sort of…)


 I Promise by maseguardoilmondoatestaingiu.

So here it is. The part 2!

Number 2 Mosaic by hannah.aviva.

Let the show begin!!!

Cirque Shanghai by ohroxy.

At number 10 is “The Natural”. He crushes balls out of the park and is an inspiration to many. Josh….Hamilton!!!

Josh Hamilton by Keith Allison.

 Next at Number 9 is a player that is very well known. He could be the ace of this decade and may be a Hall of Famer one day… Johan “the Zohan” Santana!

mets vs cardinals @ roger dean by theskywatcher.

Don’t mess with him.

The Manoman

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  1. Very good choices. Glad to see Hamilton in the Top 10.

  2. To make a link list, go to your dashboard. Under the manage tab, go to link lists. Type in a title for your list. You can have more than one list. Then, copy and paste the link into the box. then, type in the name of the site. Click save to save your list. My only request is that you add me to your list! glad to help!

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