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Third Time’s The Charm!

Wow, I have been thinking. You know baseball is really a game of numbers and statistics, right? So there’s got to be some odd occurences that happen during the 162 game season right? Well I just figured out baseball is all a game of 3’s.

Three by jonesprimavera.

Yep, a game of threes. I mean how many homeruns did the two men below each achieve on Monday back to back?

Jermaine Dye by eichelberger_greg.

That’s right Three Hundred! 

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of these

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Now, how many runs did Corey Hart slug in today with his homer?

corey hart by (♥♥!$#@♥9~KkjeNn~9♥@#$!♥♥).


( I had to give him props he’s on my fantasy team!)

Last one for you. What do these two men have on common (besides the fact that they are great baseball players)?

Babe Ruth by Roger Bruce  


Evan Longoria by nittanylion1991.

  You got it. They are both wearing number…


Did I mention three strikes yer out?

And You're Outta There! by Chad Horwedel.

Let’s just let Weaver and Longoria take it away shall we… 

  Jered Weaver and Evan Longoria  

Happy Day After Easter!

    The Manoman       

Nick Adenhart: A Phenomenal Player and Person

Nicholas James Adenhart was born on August 24th, 1986. He was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels in the 14th round of the 2004 MLB Draft and was only drafted that low because of possible arm problems. He was always a great guy in the clubhouse and the pitcher you’d want on the mound. He looked to have a great future ahead of him and was regarded as one of the best pitchers in the minor leagues. He got called up to the Angels on May 1st, 2008 making his major debut as a starter against the White Sox, and although he allowed  5 earned runs in 2 innings, you could see that the talent was there. He made 4 starts in his career and dominated the Athletics in his last outing on April 8th, 2009. Shortly after midnight on April 9th, 2009, he was among three people killed in a crash in Fullerton, California, when a minivan ran a red light and hit his silver Mitsubishi, killing him and two other people. Today’s Angels game is postponed due to his death. Rest in Peace Nick Adenhart,   Rest in Peace.

The Manoman

A Photo Memoir of Nick Adenhart

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Nick Adenhart

Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher Nick Adenhart throws to ...

FILE - This Feb. 25, 2009, file photo shows pitcher Nick Adenhart ...

FILE - In this March 20, 2008, file photo, Los Angeles Angels ...

Nick Adenhart

Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher Nick Adenhart throws to ...

Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher Nick Adenhart gets ready ...


Opening Night Was Such a Delight!

Wow! What a crazy Opening Night! It was filled with homers.


Great pitching…

Not so great pitching…











and a Battle between two NL East Teams

philadelphia phillies home field blanket by

versus the

File:ATL Braves.PNG

But this battle paled in comparison to the one these guys are gonna have in the ALCS this year.

Bronx Celebration by Cdn Antman.

let's all celebrate and have a good time  - celebration - we go celebrate and have a good time. by dbadair.

Happy Opening Week Everyone!

The Manoman


Surprise by accipiter noctis.

Guess who get released by the Detroit Tigers?

Gary Sheffield by peggy..

Bet you didn’t see that coming.

The Tigers just released Gary Sheffield. He is one homerun from 500 homeruns. Yes you read that right one.

#1 Statue by sideshow_nyc.

Now remember back in 2006 when we traded this guy? People were yelling and screaming about it.

Screaming Self Portrait #3-with heavy pp by BBurnie82.

I meant in a good way.

Yelling! by Sam Howzit.

I guess the Tigers now know why.

Why or Whatever was I thinking 11/21/07 Brooklyn NY USA 1:55 p.m. by larryosan.

I mean seriously Sheffield would probably have more ejections in his career than the man below if he kept playing.

Bobby Cox ejected by therubberduckie.

The Yankees could have signed this guy in the 2004 offseason.

Angels RF - Vladimir Guerrero by Timmer82.

or this guy

Miguel Tejada warming up by Phil Romans.

or even this guy

Orangutan by Celtic Tiger (1974).

Oh wait but they did sign that guy.

Orangutan Encounter Two by John-Lee.

I guess I have a thing for orangutans.

The Manoman