Surprise by accipiter noctis.

Guess who get released by the Detroit Tigers?

Gary Sheffield by peggy..

Bet you didn’t see that coming.

The Tigers just released Gary Sheffield. He is one homerun from 500 homeruns. Yes you read that right one.

#1 Statue by sideshow_nyc.

Now remember back in 2006 when we traded this guy? People were yelling and screaming about it.

Screaming Self Portrait #3-with heavy pp by BBurnie82.

I meant in a good way.

Yelling! by Sam Howzit.

I guess the Tigers now know why.

Why or Whatever was I thinking 11/21/07 Brooklyn NY USA 1:55 p.m. by larryosan.

I mean seriously Sheffield would probably have more ejections in his career than the man below if he kept playing.

Bobby Cox ejected by therubberduckie.

The Yankees could have signed this guy in the 2004 offseason.

Angels RF - Vladimir Guerrero by Timmer82.

or this guy

Miguel Tejada warming up by Phil Romans.

or even this guy

Orangutan by Celtic Tiger (1974).

Oh wait but they did sign that guy.

Orangutan Encounter Two by John-Lee.

I guess I have a thing for orangutans.

The Manoman

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  1. crazy19canuck

    Guess it’s all that monkeying around you do! LOL!

  2. I love the monkey at the top! You know that Sheff will end up somewhere!


  3. Oh, don’t remind me of Vlady! He was supposed to end up with the Dodgers! The deal was pretty much done, done! but there was the sale of the team going on at the same time and Frank McCourt panicked because of something Bud-Light (bud Selig) said that will interfere with the sale. that year I could not look at the billboards of Vladimir in red in the L.A. area.
    Emma bleeding Dodger blue!

  4. haha Gary Sheffield’s a loser. He deserves this.

  5. I’m not givin answer away yet but I wil say tha the Trenton Thunder is incorrect. Good job t figuring out that it is a trick question. 😀 Ha!

  6. I gave the answer on my blog so I’ll let you know what it was since you are the only person to contribute an answer. The answer is the Staten Island Yankees, single A short season affiliate of the Bronx Bombers. You were close becausr the Thunder are the Double A affiliate.

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