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Rocking Rookies

Some come out of nowhere. Some were destined for greatness while some were surprises from the start. Now what am I talking about? The Rooks. The New Kids on the Block. Each year there are standouts (see Longoria, Braun) and massive dissapointments (see Delmon Young, Rickie Weeks). The best part about rookie though is that they have that level of unpredictability (I don’t even know if that’s a word : ). Now lets see some of the newbie rookies right here: 


Leading off:

Our leadoff guy in this segment is Andrew McCutchen.


Here is a good player that has 5 tools. He is and excellent fielder, bolts around the bases and is a good hitter. He is the starting centerfielder for the Pirates now that they traded Nate McClouth and is the new lead off hitter. I actually thought his name was Andrew McClutchen because he was a such a good hitter.

McCutchen = McClutchen 

Batting Second:

Gordon Beckham


Beckham is currently the 3rd baseman for the White Sox and was only drafted LAST YEAR. It’s the Ryan Zimmerman the Second. I heard he was a solid hitter and has alot of talent so we’ll have to see…


 Batting Third: Mr. 5 Tools

Adam Jones

Jones is an amazing young player who is fast and knows how to hit the baseball.


Hitting Cleanup: Matt Wieters

Matt Wieters

You can love him, you can hate him, but what I know is that this guy has alot of skill and is gonna be a star in the future.

Today’s Pitching Matchup is Between Tommy Hanson and David Price



David Price

These guys are both pristine players that are both very talented. Hanson is on one of my fantasy teams and gets the job done each time. Price has been highly regarded for an extremely long time and price is just…er…um…right. Hah. Here are some honorable mentions:

Honorable Mentions 

  1. Mat Gamel – Mat is a good hitter and is like Ryan Braun (bad defense at 3rd, great power swing). Give him some time and he will succeed.
  2. Rick Porcello- He was dominating entering 2009 after his debut and looks to get 10 wins before the All Star Break. 
  3. Dexter Fowler – fast and once had 5 steals in a game this year!
  4.  Elvis Andrus -great defense and a good bat equals a good combo
  5.  Trevor Cahill- doing a great job pitching for the A’s
  6. *Omir Santos* (pretty sure he’s a rookie)- he came from practically nowhere to claim the Mets starting catcher job and has thrived since
  7. Nolan Reimold- hidden from the spotlight of Matt Wieters, Reimold has been an outstanding player this year and already has 9 homeruns
  8.  Ricky Romero- hey! hey! Ricky! Romero has been lights out since he returned from the DL and is making great contributions to a surprisingly dominant Toronto pitching staff 

9. Fernando Martinez- although F-Mart has had his struggles, and his face plants into the Citi Field grass, I still believe he will turn it around (anyone up for after the All-Star Break? Anyone?) 

 10. Andrew Bailey- Huston Street :traded; Joey Devine: season ending surgery; Brad Ziegler: ineffective; Bailey: sure I guess we’ll take him. Imagine if this what was running through A’s manager Bob Geren’s head as he was thinking about his closer. So far, this has been the right choice as Bailey has been lights out.  

                 So to end this post with a little more rookieness, do you think there will ever be rookies like Braun or Longoria again? Who do you think will win rookie of the year? Will Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg ever face off in the future???

Bryce Harper, Baseball, Las Vegas Wildcats


Fireballer Stephen Strasburg by mikezarrilli14.

The Battle is On.

They’re All Stars (but Longoria is the Best)!

Its that time of year again. What time you ask? Well… maybe the um…. ALL STAR GAME VOTING! YEAH! I can’t wait till July 15th! 

2009 All Star Game


Now who did I vote for? Well… look below to see!

I voted for:

American League

                                                                         First Base:
                                                                     Teixeira, M., NYY
                                                  Second Base:
                                                 Kinsler, I., TEX



                                           Third Base:
                        Longoria, E., TB

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                                    Jeter, D., NYY
Mauer, J., MIN
Bay, J., BOS
Jason Bay 3.jpg Outfielder:
Crawford, C., TB

.Carl Crawford

Suzuki, I., SEA
Ichiro Suzuki
Here’s my picks for the NL: 

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National League

First Base:
Pujols, A., STL
Second Base:
Utley, C., PHI
Third Base:
Wright, D., NYM
Ramirez, H., FLA
McCann, B., ATL
Braun, R., MIL
Ibañez, R., PHI
Kemp, M., LAD
Now what I dont understand is the write- in process. I mean the write- in is for the unknown guy who does awesome right BUT HE HAS TO BE OFF THE BALLOT. That’s what really throws me off because say I wanted to have Pujols and A. Gone in the all-star game I wouldn’t be able to and I think they are both amazing players.

Adrian Gonzalez


 Albert Pujols
Smiley-face by
Will Longoria stay in the top overall votes spot? Will Teixeira beat out Youk? ( I’m putting my money on that Julia… : ) ) and most importantly which side do i root for this weekend!!! ( It’s the Yanks versus the Rays)
Who will win???