We Swept Them Right Off Their Feet!

I think we need to take these out…


Why??? Well, because the Yankees and Rays swept both their series and are now 3-0 since the All-Star break! Go 3 and 0! Hah, hah, hah. Much of this success can be contributed to the fact that our pitchingis doing spectacular and that our hitters are coming up clutch in key situations.


My man Longoria has been doing alot better since the break and I’m glad. His shot in the 1st game the Rays played since the 2nd half began put them ahead 8-7 and they were able to hold on to the lead with great pitching from J.P. Howell at the end of the game.


This series Howell has been especially lights-out as he has recorded saves in all 3 games and using his dominant stuff to overpower the Royals hitters. He is a talented pitcher that knows how to manipulate his stuff at the right time and place. Will he ever be as good as The Sandman? Nobody will, but in the meantime he can keep on doing what he’s doing and keep on securing the win for us in the 9th inning.


The Rays definitely win the comeback kids award as in each of their games in this series they have came back in the 7th inning or later to get the lead and the win. Talk about fighting till the end!


Hey, this is a Yankee and Rays blog right? So I gotta give a little love to the boys in the big white and blue, the New York Yankees!

Mark Teixeira


How about Teixeira this past series man? He was on fire! 2 homers, 5 hits, 4 R.B.I.’s, so this is why we signed this guy for 180 million dollars this past off-season. He could really put on a show once he gets rolling.


I don’t think the Tigers were prepared for this fiersome beast that they had to face.


You’d better watch out Red Sox Nation.



 We’re Catching Up.

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  1. A few more losses for the Red Sox and THEY will be the ones in third place! The Yanks are only 1 game away.

    It’s been a pretty SWEEP day. I hope the ChiSox are ready for the Rays…actually no, I hope they are ill prepared and fall flat. Wishful thinking…

  2. Ok, so now I want to go fire up the PS3 and get my MLB:The Show on! There, my Rays are in first, blowing away the competition. Wish it was like that in real life!

    You are right in calling Howell “lights out.” The guy has been perfect since the break, racking up 3 saves already!

    I’m going to have to drop Percy in my game and get Howell in there as my closer!

  3. Certainly yesterday Lester had a good outing for the Red Sox – Halladay was better. And yes, the Yankees are only one game behind, but while they had some clutch hitting, as a whole they also struggled against some tough pitching from the Tigers. Any of our games could have easily gone the other way – and that’s the beauty of baseball!


  4. Hey nice post. I know, hopefully the Yanks can stay on a role against the O’s tonight. They should be able to beat up on them, but for some reason they have had trouble with them this year. Lets go for another sweep!!!


  5. Ugh. Tough loss last night. Fun to watch, but tough to deal with considering we were right on the verge of pulling off another comeback. Oh well, we’ll get ’em tonight.

  6. How are you liking the comebacks and oh ya, the Yankees in first place. You gotta be flying today, man!

  7. crazy19canuck

    Ok…put the brooms away. They may be giving us bad luck. Did you see the no- no in Chicago? Gotta give kudos to Buehrle!

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