The Melk-Man Strikes Again!!!

Melky hit single.

Melky Cabrera


Melky hit double.


Melky hit homer.


Melk-Man hit triple in bottom of ninth to complete cycle.



It’s just…


Melky has been so consistent and helpful to the Yankees this year. He plays spectacular defense and has so many walk-offs we should name him Captain Clutch.


Sorry Derek but we are officially dethroning you for some….


In what was supposed to be a stellar pitching matchup yesterday, both pitchers flopped. CC  allowed 5 runs…


What happened Big Man? Luckily though, Mark Buehrle did even worse and he was pounded for 7 runs and 12 hits by the Yankees.


Ouch. The Yankees sure beat up on poor Buehrle. When I say poor I mean the guy with a no-no and a perfecto so I’ll say GO YANKS!!!

Looking Ahead

Today the Yanks face the Doc of baseball, Mr.Halladay himself. Hopefully we can put the type of hurting we did on Buehrle, on the Doc.

Looking at the Present

Today the Rays beat the Royals and Zack Grienke 10-4 and say-hey Willie! Aybar was working his magic today hitting 2 homers, one as a lefty and one as a righty. Kaz pitched a great game as well.


 Will he be next year’s cover boy???? No…

He will.

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  1. I hope Melky hitting for the cycle will quiet some of the Yankee fans who haven’t been too fond of him.


  2. Hey! Nice photoshop work!

    We’ve got a big series against those Red Sox. I guess as a Rays and Yanks fan this series will doubly good for you! Or doubly bad. Let’s see how it goes!

  3. Nice cycle for Melky!
    Either cover boy will work for me!
    The Yanks beat the Jays, and the Sox and Rays are still going in the 11th.

  4. Thanks for the comment!
    It’s cool to already have “buzz” (not much… lol) on a blog less than three hours old!
    -Mariner Beat

  5. Is that Evan Longoria in the about me picture or you? If it is you then you could dress as Evan Longoria for Halloween. 🙂

  6. since you were asking, my team is 11-8. If I can get a late surge, I can make our version of the postseason.

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