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Capping Off the Christmas Wait With a Crisp Ending…

Ahhhh… the closer….

 There are the great….

Mariano Rivera

The damaged goods…

Phillies closer Brad Lidge ...

and then… there’s Matt Capps

/Getty Images Matt Capps ...

Now let’s look at the scienario shall we?

You’re a Pirate

Pirate | (Le ...

But not just any pirate, you are the guy that finishes the job, their savior…


and then, they give you the axe

Medieval Axe - Executioner

So what do you do? You move on of course… but to where?

Do you want to be in the Nation’s Capital?

... meet: The White House Again

or become a Cub?

Bear Cub - Corel ©

Yeah, I think the answer is pretty obvious at this point which is why Matt Capps is now the closer of the guys in D.C.!

Washington Nationals own ...

(Yes, even the owl is going crazy)

Now onto my exclusive interview with the Athletics Spokes”man”: the A-Gnome!

Would you want a box of Coco Crisp?

BOSTON at Seattle, Saturday ...

“I would! How much is it?”

Sir it is 5 million dollars but in it comes with your very own Coco Crisp action figure that can play centerfield and run very fast!

“It’s a done deal!”

and that is how Coco Crisp came to be on the team by the Bay, the Oakland Athletics…

Oakland Athletics Pictures ...

Happy Holidays!!!

The Manoman




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    No!!! It happened!!! 

    Yes, by this photo you can probably tell, but Melky has been traded to the Braves for Javier Vazquez!
    Go to fullsize image
    But why?????
    Let’s take a look
    Go to fullsize image
    (Yes that is a magnifying glass with a baseball glove. You can find anything on the internet nowadays : )

    Go to fullsize image

     Going to the Yankees:
                                      Javier Vazquez

    Phillip Javier Vazquez ...

                                    Boone Logan!


    Go to fullsize image


    Go to fullsize image 
    Going to the Braves
        Melky Cabrera couldn't ...


    ... yankee stadium michael dunn

                                                               Mike Dunn!!!
    Arodys Vizcaino! (I don’t really know who he is)
    What really breaks my heart is the loss of Melky. I’m sure he’s being put on sedatives to make it through the night without Robbie.
     Go to fullsize image
    Extra! Extra! New movie The HeartBreaker coming out tomorrow! Starring…
    Javier Vazquez as the heartbreaker
    Go to fullsize image
    Melky Cabrera and Robinson Cano as the happy couple
    Go to fullsize image
    Brian Cashman as the therapist!
     Go to fullsize image
    What’s gonna happen to Got Melk? or the Melk-Man shirts? I can’t even begin to imagine…
    Go to fullsize image
    On a more serious note. How will the Yankees plans for 2010 Be affected by this? Let’s find out…
    Yankees Plans 2010
    Our Rotation
    CC Sabathia
    A.J. Burnett
    Andy Pettitte
    Javier Vázquez
    Joba Chamberlain
    The reason I put Javy after Andy is because Andy is a lefty and Javy is a righty, I wanted to mix it up for the opposing team and not give 2 staight righties to face in a series.
    I will miss my Melky and I’m sure Robbie Cano will too.
    Melky Cabrera se recupera y ...
    He always believed he could fly.
    The Manoman

    Happy Anniversary to MLB-Yankees-Rays…Forever!

    Wow. I cannot believe it’s been a year since I posted my first entry on a cold December day. It feels like I wound back the clock in typing this entry right now.

    Go to fullsize image

    I want to touch upon a couple of things in this entry:

    1. I’m Sorry

    Go to fullsize image

    For missing all of the game action for you guys

    For not giving you the latest trades and signings on the minute!

    For not providing analysis that will take your breath away

    For not giving you my input on what I feel about the transactions, the games, and the specialties

    2. I will…

             Go to fullsize image

    Try to give you the breaking news

    Provide link lists for easy transportation to other awesome sites

    Give you the analysis that will separate this blog from most


    Make this blog an enjoyable blog to visit and read!

    3. What has happened since I was gone?

    Well, obviously alot has happened but let’s look at the big stuff:

    1.  Mo has broken the 500 save barrier!

    Go to fullsize image

    2. Derek Jeter is our new Hit King!

    Go to fullsize image

    3. B.J. Upton hit for the cycle.

    Go to fullsize image

    4. A-Rod extended his consecutive 100 R.B.I. and 30 homer accomplishments in the last game of the season! ( He had 2 HR’s and 7 R.B.I.’s)

    Go to fullsize image 

    5. The YANKEES ARE WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS! ( Yes that deserved bold, underline, and italics)

     Go to fullsize image

    4. A Shout Out!

    Go to fullsize image

    To all my loyal readers including…

    1. MarshallMan- a good friend of mine

    and finally… an hononrable mention to the blogger who left me my very 1st comment…

    Jane Heller!-

    When searching through the archives I actually found this entry…

    Brings back alot of memories.

    5. The Archives

    Some of my favorite entries (from least to best)

    5. CC vs. Verlander…A True Pitchers Duel-July 18, 2009

    This entry I really enjoyed making because it was my first “live game” entry and it was inspired from reading all of your blogs!

    Favorite line:

    Don’t mess with the Captain.

    4.They’re All Stars (but Longoria is the Best)!–  June 3, 2009

    This entry I liked because it captured which players I loved seeing and it was kind of fun looking for the photos of everyone.

    Favorite Photo:




    Ichiro Suzuki

    Sorry I think they’re all awesome. : )

    3. Rocking Rookies–  June 17, 2009

    Entry+ Rookies = What’s Not To Like!

    Favorite line:

    Will Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg ever face off in the future???

    Bryce Harper, Baseball, Las Vegas Wildcats


    Fireballer Stephen Strasburg by mikezarrilli14.

    The Battle is On.

    (Okay, so maybe that was a little more than a line ; )

    2. Merry Teix-mas!-December 23, 2008

    While I was typing this entry I was filled with joy.

    Favorite Line:

    You can’t say that money completely bought Teixeira over to the Yankees in this situation if you think about it.

    and Finally…

    1.Early Division Predictions: AL East– December 19, 2008

    I loved making the predictions and the 1 thing that made this post the best is that it was my 1st True Post.

    Favorite Comment By Reader:

     Welcome, manoman! As a Yankee fan I LOVE your prediction. I still think we need another bat, but we certainly upgraded the rotation and the pen is looking good.



     Statistics Study Guide ...

    • 45 entries

    Well, yeah, those are the stats.


    Player- Evan Longoria

    Team- 70% Yankees 30% Rays

    Blog- They all are awesome! Some of my favorites are Julia’s, Cheeky’s, and Zack Hample’s.


    Ok, so now I want to go fire up the PS3 and get my MLB:The Show on! There, my Rays are in first, blowing away the competition. Wish it was like that in real life! You are right in calling Howell “lights out.” The guy has been perfect since the break, racking up 3 saves already!I’m going to have to drop Percy in my game and get Howell in there as my closer! – (In regards to the post “We Swept Them Right Off Their Feet!- July 19, 2009 )


    Well, that is the official 1st anniversary entry of MLB-Yankees-Rays…Forever!

     ... today was his 1st Birthday

    Happy Holidays!

    istockphoto_1115171_snow ...

    The Manoman