My 1st Mock Draft of 2010…

Recently I saw on the mlblogs homepage a section on mock drafts. I thought it was interesting and it inspired me…

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What if I went onto and did MY OWN MOCK DRAFT! and that is exactly what I did…

My 1st Mock Draft of 2010

(Just to let you guys know for all avid fantasy baseball fans, it was a 14 team draft 5×5. I picked 11th.)

My 1st pick… who else…

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Yeah, nuff said.

Pick 2: Joe Mauer

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AL MVP, a little over valued but I like how he solidified my catching spot.

3. Adam Lind

Surprise!!! Bet you didn’t see this coming! The fact of the matter is that Lind is really good. He hit 35 Hr’s and had 114 R.B.I.’s last year with the BLUE JAYS. Can’t wait to see him kick butt this year.

4. Hello! Mr. Cano!

Yes, with my #4 I picked Robbie. I normally would have picked a pitcher here but at this slot I wanted to follow the code of mlb fantasy 411 and wait till the 10th round. Robbie is still awesome though.

5. Hey Andre!

At this spot I picked Mr. Walkoff himself Andre Ethier. I like Andre because I think he will fully bloom this year and hit 35+ HR’s and 115+ R.B.I.’s


Now because I know it would be boring to read why I picked all of the players I did, here are the rest of my draft picks:

6. A. Soriano*

7. T.Hunter











*This pick was an accident as… (be prepared for alot)

  1. My computer wasn’t working and I got back onto the draft w/ 5 secs. to pick
  2. All my pre-picks were gone
  3. I wanted to pick a 1b as I was gonna pick C.Pena

and finally…

4. The clock ran out… I hadn’t picked… and I was thinking about what I would type for this post about this the whole time… Simple, right?

Final Thoughts…

Great draft overall. My outfield is solid and my only regret is my Soriano pick (see above), other than that I’m happy!

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Spring is SOON!

The Manoman



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  1. Evan…of course, Joe…naturally.
    Are you guys doing that draft again this year? If so, hope your computer works and you get your picks!!
    I am so ready for baseball to start…how many more days???

  2. I really want the snow to melt here so I can bat/pitch. 🙂


  3. Great that your top two guys were still on the board.
    In my ESPN League Mauer went with the 12th pick.
    I had the same thing happen to me one season, and the computer picked the rest of my squad.
    It actually did a better job than if I would have picked them…go Figure!
    Always fun to play Fantasy Baseball.

    Rays Renegade

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