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My All Star Team (Part One- Infield)

So I’ve been thinking, how long has it been since I last posted something on my blog you know? And then I saw it….. 3 months!!!!!!!!!!! What!!!!! That’s crazy! Proposterous!!!! Out of this world!!! So now I am determined to write a post and here we go!

The Manoman’s All Star Infield



Joe Mauer

How could you go wrong with a guys like Joe? You got the Batting Average, some pop in the bat and an amazing ability to handle a pitching staff.

Honorable Mentions- Buster Posey (C-SFG); Brian McCann (C-ATL)


1st Base

Mark Teixeira

Now don’t get me wrong, he isn’t an Albert Pujols or a Miguel Cabrera and honestly a week ago I probably would’ve put Pujols here, but after meeting Mark Teixeira I have changed my ways. He is such a nice guy and he can hit and make stellar plays at 1st place that no one else can.

Honorable Mentions- Albert Pujols (1B-STL); Miguel Cabrera (1B-DET)



2nd Base

Robinson Cano

Hey! What do you know? I picked Cano! This guy is awesome, he can drive the ball, bats lefty has an outfielders arm, hits in the 4 hole, and can make you laugh. Did I miss anything?

Honorable Mentions- Ian Kinsler (2B-TEX); Chase Utley (2B-PHI)


3rd Base


Do I even need to type an explanation?

Honorable Mentions- No one is even close to being as honorable as Longo



Derek Jeter

“Now batting…. #2, Derek Jetah.” When the legendary Bob Sheppard announces your name every time you step up to the plate you know you’re pretty damn good and that you belong on this team.


Honorable Mentions– Troy Tulowitzki; Hanley Ramirez


That’s it for the infield of my All-Star Team. Special thanks to the Brooklyn Trolley Blogger for his inspirational (and persistent) nudges for me to make another post. You can check out his blog here ( ). The outfield should be coming shortly!

The Manoman