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The Jorge Posada Saga

Doesn't it seem like it always happens this way?

So the demise of the Yankee Dynasty has begun. First Pettitte, and now, Jorge Posada.

In the middle of the fierce Yankees- Red Sox rivalry, Mr. Posada decided he’d had enough. He was hitting .165; he hadn’t played a game at catcher all year; and now… he was hitting 9th!!! 9th in the Yankees batting order! Unthinkable! After all, this is JORGE POSADA we’re talking about here right? Well… he didn’t like it very much and decided to just happen to have back pains that day. (Hmmmm) Anyways, now everything’s “OK” between the Yankees and Posada and everyone’s “Super-Duper” but time will tell if this little incident, which also involved Derek Jeter and the Yankees ownership, will permanently affect the way the Yankees treat their aging stars (it will) and if this is Posada’s final season in the Bronx after all…

Can’t wait to find out.

The Manoman