Battle for the Throne

King Albert vs. Prince Fielder

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  1. I’m the odd man out on this one. I don’t want either one…not for the Angels at least. We have a young slugging first baseman, the possibility of Kendrys returning at least as a bat (though I am not holding my breath) and already have a huge payroll. While Trumbo is certainly not Pujols or Fielder, he had a great rookie season and shows every sign of that being only the beginning. For the Angels the best thing is to use what little room they have in the payroll to fill holes at other positions. Which one would I want just in general? …I know Fielder is younger and durable, but I question his ability to readily adapt to another team. He seems more emotional and prone to letting it affect his performance than Pujols. Pujols’ contract is going to be ridiculously, stupidly huge for his age but if we’re just talking about the players themselves, in general, not for the Angels, I would prefer Pujols.
    — Kristen

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