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Free Agent Future: Adrian Beltre

Don’t ask me why I decided to start with Beltre, because honestly I don’t even know but I figured why not?

Adrian Beltre

2010 Stats:

  • Season: GP 154 ·
  • AVG .321 ·
  • HR 28 ·
  • RBI 102 ·
  • Runs 84 ·
  • SB 2

3 Main Elements of His Game

  1. Great defender, one of the main reasons Sox signed him last winter.
  2. Not a negative clubhouse prescence: from what I’ve heard, he’s no Milton Bradley or Nyjer Morgan, this guy respects the game and does the right things on and off the field
  3. Can hit in the clutch and drive in runs: see 102 RBI and 28 HRS


Angels 5 yr $85 million

Why the Angels?

Beltre would be a perfect fit with their club dynamic. He’s solid on defense and is a talented hitter as well. With Arte Moreno willing to spend more after not making the playoffs for the 1st time in 4 years, they will be willing to shell out the $85 million it will take to get Beltre. At this point, the Angels are thinking that Brandon Wood is a bust, or at least needs alot more seasoning before he’s ready for the big leagues. Beltre would probably bat in the 5 hole behind Morales and would give the Angels a solid 4-5 punch.

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