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Third Time’s The Charm!

Wow, I have been thinking. You know baseball is really a game of numbers and statistics, right? So there’s got to be some odd occurences that happen during the 162 game season right? Well I just figured out baseball is all a game of 3’s.

Three by jonesprimavera.

Yep, a game of threes. I mean how many homeruns did the two men below each achieve on Monday back to back?

Jermaine Dye by eichelberger_greg.

That’s right Three Hundred! 

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of these

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Now, how many runs did Corey Hart slug in today with his homer?

corey hart by (♥♥!$#@♥9~KkjeNn~9♥@#$!♥♥).


( I had to give him props he’s on my fantasy team!)

Last one for you. What do these two men have on common (besides the fact that they are great baseball players)?

Babe Ruth by Roger Bruce  


Evan Longoria by nittanylion1991.

  You got it. They are both wearing number…


Did I mention three strikes yer out?

And You're Outta There! by Chad Horwedel.

Let’s just let Weaver and Longoria take it away shall we… 

  Jered Weaver and Evan Longoria  

Happy Day After Easter!

    The Manoman