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Free Agent Future: Carl Crawford

Up next in our programming, the future of free agent………. Carl Crawford.

Carl Crawford

2010 Stats:

  • Season: GP 154 ·
  • AVG .307 ·
  • HR 19 ·
  • RBI 90 ·
  • Runs 110 ·
  • SB 47

3 Main Elements of His Game

  1. Speed, speed, speed, this guy can run. He can immediately give a team at least 45 stolen bases a year and can be a dominant table setter hitting from the 2 hole.
  2. When I think Gold Glove left-fielder, I think Carl Crawford. Shockingly this year was he won only his first Golden Glove, but trust me, he deserved many more. 
  3. He has pop in the bat. Unlike most 50 base stealers, Crawford can hit the ball, hard. 19 Homeruns and 90 RBI’s later…….


Angels 6 yr $127 million

Why the Angels?

Crawford would fit right in with the whole dynamic of the club. His speed and power are what Arte Moreno is looking for and there is an open spot for him in left field as Bobby Abreu will probably move to the DH position next year. Crawford also is only 29 and with this deal his running years will probably all be covered before he hits his decline and starts to falter. Now I know that Beltre and Crawford will cost quite a bit of $ but I think that will be of a lesser value to the Angels than letting the Rangers repeat in 2011.  

The Manoman

Happy New Year!!!

Hey guys! I’m back! Happy New Year!!! It seems like just yesterday that it was 2008! My vacation went well but unfortunately I didn’t have internet access so I wasn’t able to post fo a long time. The highlight of my vacation though was crashing into a net with my skis up in the air just like I did when I was younger. 2009 looks to be a great year for baseball as CC and A.J. look to be dominating in the AL East and Postseason masher Evan Longoria looks to follow up his outstanding rookie of the year campaign with another awesome season. David Price and Phil Hughes are going to be solid contributers to their teams and even the Melk-Man and Carl Crawford are going to bounce back from their not so typical seasons. Who will be next season’s Fairy Tale Team? Will the Rays once again make it to the series? How will the Yankees fare with CC, A.J. and Teix? So many questions, 162 games to be played. I also want to give a shout out to the MLB Network as now our National Pastime is going Full Time 24/7 and I don’t have to wait each morning for some tiny tidbits of baseball info to pop up on ESPN. This year is going to be great and I can’t wait for baseball to get started!


Happy New Year 2009!


The Manoman