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CC vs. Verlander…A True Pitchers Duel

Today is sure to be a great matchup as the Yankees face up against the fiercesome Tigers and their ace…



Justin Verlander.

Of course I dropped Verlander in my fantasy league when he was doing terrible in the beginning of the season but since then he has been lights out.

Lights Out! It's Turtle Time!


Now for the Yankees today it’s not turtle time but CC time as the big man takes the hill today.

CC Sabathia


CC hasn’t been pitching great at home lately but today I think he is gonna turn it around and shut the Tigers down. Complete game anyone? (I’m hoping this will end up like Julia and Cheeky’s predictions so let’s see!)


So it looks like the duel is raging on as Verlander and CC are both pitching great games. Did anyone see that bat of Teixeira’s flying into the stands during the 6th inning? He just let it loose and it flew. I’m glad a kid got it though. CC has another 1-2-3 inning in the 7th and is pitching great.

Yes!!!! A-Rod hit an A-Bomb and the Yankees are up 1-0!

Alex Rodriguez


It looks like Verlander is in some trouble now. Runners on 2nd and 3rd and…. 

The Melk-Man delivers!!!


He beats out an infield single! Scoring is Swisher! 2-0 Yankees! Yeah! 

Top of the 8th Aceves comes in ( I guess I don’t have the luck like Cheeky or Julia but maybe next time 🙂 and he gives up a homer to Marcus Thames (hey, didn’t he used to play on the Yankees once) but preserves the lead as it is still 2-1.

The Yankees still are up 2-1 and they only need to close it out to win game 2 of the series. So who do they bring in…



Oh yeah….

The rest, well you know the deal. Let’s just say he:


The Yankees win! Ahhahhhahh! The Yankees win!!!

Side notes:

 Today is the 10 year anniversary of David Cone’s perfecto.

Jeter did the awesome Jeter play in the 9th inning to help Mo out:

image for listing #103477091

Don’t mess with the Captain.


Early Division Predictions: AL Central

Phew, it was able to save this time. (see entry titled, Why???) The AL Central division is tough to rank and there were many close calls but I think I make the right picks. As you may have noticed in my last Division Rankings, I accompany each of my picks with an explanation to why I chose them for that spot.With that done, let the picks roll!

Minnesota Twins: The “M” Men, Mauer and Morneau, head a young, steady offense that includes 2007 R.O.Y. runner up, Delmon Young, Denard Span, and Carlos Gonzalez, who came over from the Mets in the Santana trade. It appears as though the Santana trade actually benefited the Twins as they saved a huge chunk of payroll and received some nice prospects in return. Fransisco Liriano is a solid ace and he has a good supporting cast in Glen Perkins and Kevin Slowey. Joe Nathan is an amazing closer and he is surrounded by good relievers.




   Chicago White Sox: The starting rotation will survive even after the Vazquez trade with Gavin Floyd and John Danks leading the way. Alexei Ramirez, Jermaine Dye, and Carlos Quentin are the White Sox’s best hitters and Cuban import Dayan Viciedo, whom the White Sox got for 4 years, 10 million, could be the next Hanley Ramirez.  Bobby Jenks is a solid closer and has been refining his game. He is decreasing his velocity to cultivate his off-speed pitches leading to a 3.63 E.R.A. with 30 saves out of 34 save opportunities last year.   


 Cleveland Indians: Grady Sizemore had a 30-30 season last year and is considered one of the best hitters is the game despite his .268 average. Victor Martinez and Travis Hafner will probably have comeback seasons and Matt LaPorta will be on his way up soon to aid the offense. Cliff Lee was arguably the best pitcher in the game last season after posting a 22-3 record and a 2.54 E.R.A. and winning the AL Cy Young Award. Along with him, on the Cleveland staff, their are Fausto Carmona and Aaron Laffey. Wood will be a great closer, health permitting, and his supporting cast Jensen Lewis and Joe Smith, are decent.


 Detroit Tigers: What can I say? They had Cabrera, Granderson, Ordonez, Guillen, and Polanco yet still finished fifth in their division. Verlander will probably revert to his 07′ form with Galargga and Jackson solid behind him. Rick Porcello is projected to make it to the bigs in September 2009 or early 2010 which will be a boost to their pitching. Rodney is an ower-powering closer and has an okay bullpen around him with Zumaya and Seay.


   Kansas City Royals: Alex Gordon, Jose Guillen, Coco Crisp Mike Aviles, and Mike Jacobs are all parts of an offense that now also includes minor league masher Kila Ka’aihue. Meche and Bannister, the Royals’ 1-2 punch, would be most team’s 3-4 punches. Joakim Soria is a found jewel of a closer and Kyle Farnsworth and Ron Mahay are interesting pitchers. Look for the Royals to come together in 2010 or 2011.


Coming up in the next few days, The Early Division Predictions of the…AL West.


Happy Holidays!

The Manoman