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Welcome to L.A. O-Dawg

Imagine, you’re 31, and you are gifted at the game of baseball. So gifted you are playing in the big leagues and you’re so good you want 15 million dollars, a year for 3 years to play on a team. You feel you are such a good player with all of your gold gloves, any team would want you on their squad. Once you file for something called free agency you think that everything you want is in the bag. Now, after waiting for someone to sign you for 4 months, you realize there is one tiny thing in the way of your goal. Something called the… um… economic depression, was it?

 I guess you forgot about that.

Now you are wondering, what do I do? My two favorite teams don’t want you.

Mets and Yankees Mural by yehwan.

Your money’s going down the drain.


You’re even suffering from panic attacks.


So, what is the solution to all your problems?


All I have to say is, peace out O-Dawg, The Manoman










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