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Fantasy Baseball 2012 Rankings-Top 50

Below are my Fantasy Baseball Rankings for the top 50 players in 2012


1. Albert Pujols (1B- Angels)

2.Miguel Cabrera (1B/3B- Tigers)

3. Matt Kemp (OF- Dodgers)

4. Troy Tulowitzki (SS- Rockies)

5. José Bautista (3B/OF- Blue Jays)

6. Robinson Cano (2B- Yankees)

7. Prince Fielder (1B- Tigers)

8. Adrian Gonzalez (1B- Red Sox)

9. Evan Longoria (3B- Rays)

10. Justin Upton (OF- Diamondbacks)

11. Jacoby Ellsbury (OF- Red Sox)

12. Joey Votto (1B- Reds)

13. Justin Verlander (SP- Tigers)

14. José Reyes (SS- Marlins)

15. Hanley Ramirez (3B/SS- Marlins)

16. Mike Stanton (OF- Marlins)

17 . Clayton Kershaw (SP- Dodgers)

18. Matt Holliday (OF- Cardinals)

19. Curtis Granderson (OF- Yankees)

20. Ian Kinsler (2B- Rangers)

21. Andrew McCutchen (OF- Pirates)

22. Roy Halladay (SP- Phillies)

23. David Wright (3B- Mets)

24. Ryan Braun (OF- Brewers)

25. Carlos Gonzalez (OF- Rockies)

26. Brian McCann (C- Braves)

27. Tim Lincecum (SP- Giants)

28. Mark Teixeira (1B- Yankees)

29. Dustin Pedroia (2B- Red Sox)

30. Josh Hamilton (OF- Rangers)

31. Ryan Zimmerman (3B- Nationals)

32. Felix Hernandez (SP- Mariners)

33. CC Sabathia (SP- Yankees)

34. Adrian Beltre (3B- Rangers)

35. Cliff Lee (SP- Phillies)

36. Jay Bruce (OF- Reds)

37. Jered Weaver (SP- Angels)

38. Buster Posey (C- Giants)

39. Brett Lawrie (3B- Blue Jays)

40. Elvis Andrus (SS- Rangers)

41. Carlos Santana (C- Indians)

42. Michael Young (1B/3B- Rangers)

43. Hunter Pence (OF- Phillies)

44. Alex Rodriguez (3B- Yankees)

45. Nelson Cruz (OF- Rangers)

46. Desmond Jennings (OF- Rays)

47. Starlin Castro (SS- Cubs)

48. Pablo Sandoval (3B- Giants)

49. Dan Haren (SP- Angels)

50. Carl Crawford (OF- Red Sox)


Oh So Close :

51. Brandon Phillips (2B- Reds)

52. Mike Napoli (C- Rangers)

53. David Price (SP- Rays)

54. Michael Bourn (OF- Braves)

55. Paul Konerko (1B- White Sox)

56. Matt Cain (SP- Giants)

57. Jimmy Rollins (SS- Phillies)

58. Craig Kimbrel (CL- Braves)

59. Alex Avila (C- Tigers)

60. Dustin Ackley (2B- Mariners)


Oh and by the way, Brett Lawrie is going to rake this year.

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What do you guys think?

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My 1st Mock Draft of 2010…

Recently I saw on the mlblogs homepage a section on mock drafts. I thought it was interesting and it inspired me…

Go to fullsize image

What if I went onto and did MY OWN MOCK DRAFT! and that is exactly what I did…

My 1st Mock Draft of 2010

(Just to let you guys know for all avid fantasy baseball fans, it was a 14 team draft 5×5. I picked 11th.)

My 1st pick… who else…

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Yeah, nuff said.

Pick 2: Joe Mauer

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AL MVP, a little over valued but I like how he solidified my catching spot.

3. Adam Lind

Surprise!!! Bet you didn’t see this coming! The fact of the matter is that Lind is really good. He hit 35 Hr’s and had 114 R.B.I.’s last year with the BLUE JAYS. Can’t wait to see him kick butt this year.

4. Hello! Mr. Cano!

Yes, with my #4 I picked Robbie. I normally would have picked a pitcher here but at this slot I wanted to follow the code of mlb fantasy 411 and wait till the 10th round. Robbie is still awesome though.

5. Hey Andre!

At this spot I picked Mr. Walkoff himself Andre Ethier. I like Andre because I think he will fully bloom this year and hit 35+ HR’s and 115+ R.B.I.’s


Now because I know it would be boring to read why I picked all of the players I did, here are the rest of my draft picks:

6. A. Soriano*

7. T.Hunter











*This pick was an accident as… (be prepared for alot)

  1. My computer wasn’t working and I got back onto the draft w/ 5 secs. to pick
  2. All my pre-picks were gone
  3. I wanted to pick a 1b as I was gonna pick C.Pena

and finally…

4. The clock ran out… I hadn’t picked… and I was thinking about what I would type for this post about this the whole time… Simple, right?

Final Thoughts…

Great draft overall. My outfield is solid and my only regret is my Soriano pick (see above), other than that I’m happy!

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Spring is SOON!

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The Melk-Man Strikes Again!!!

Melky hit single.

Melky Cabrera


Melky hit double.


Melky hit homer.


Melk-Man hit triple in bottom of ninth to complete cycle.



It’s just…


Melky has been so consistent and helpful to the Yankees this year. He plays spectacular defense and has so many walk-offs we should name him Captain Clutch.


Sorry Derek but we are officially dethroning you for some….


In what was supposed to be a stellar pitching matchup yesterday, both pitchers flopped. CC  allowed 5 runs…


What happened Big Man? Luckily though, Mark Buehrle did even worse and he was pounded for 7 runs and 12 hits by the Yankees.


Ouch. The Yankees sure beat up on poor Buehrle. When I say poor I mean the guy with a no-no and a perfecto so I’ll say GO YANKS!!!

Looking Ahead

Today the Yanks face the Doc of baseball, Mr.Halladay himself. Hopefully we can put the type of hurting we did on Buehrle, on the Doc.

Looking at the Present

Today the Rays beat the Royals and Zack Grienke 10-4 and say-hey Willie! Aybar was working his magic today hitting 2 homers, one as a lefty and one as a righty. Kaz pitched a great game as well.


 Will he be next year’s cover boy???? No…

He will.

We Swept Them Right Off Their Feet!

I think we need to take these out…


Why??? Well, because the Yankees and Rays swept both their series and are now 3-0 since the All-Star break! Go 3 and 0! Hah, hah, hah. Much of this success can be contributed to the fact that our pitchingis doing spectacular and that our hitters are coming up clutch in key situations.


My man Longoria has been doing alot better since the break and I’m glad. His shot in the 1st game the Rays played since the 2nd half began put them ahead 8-7 and they were able to hold on to the lead with great pitching from J.P. Howell at the end of the game.


This series Howell has been especially lights-out as he has recorded saves in all 3 games and using his dominant stuff to overpower the Royals hitters. He is a talented pitcher that knows how to manipulate his stuff at the right time and place. Will he ever be as good as The Sandman? Nobody will, but in the meantime he can keep on doing what he’s doing and keep on securing the win for us in the 9th inning.


The Rays definitely win the comeback kids award as in each of their games in this series they have came back in the 7th inning or later to get the lead and the win. Talk about fighting till the end!


Hey, this is a Yankee and Rays blog right? So I gotta give a little love to the boys in the big white and blue, the New York Yankees!

Mark Teixeira


How about Teixeira this past series man? He was on fire! 2 homers, 5 hits, 4 R.B.I.’s, so this is why we signed this guy for 180 million dollars this past off-season. He could really put on a show once he gets rolling.


I don’t think the Tigers were prepared for this fiersome beast that they had to face.


You’d better watch out Red Sox Nation.



 We’re Catching Up.

They’re All Stars (but Longoria is the Best)!

Its that time of year again. What time you ask? Well… maybe the um…. ALL STAR GAME VOTING! YEAH! I can’t wait till July 15th! 

2009 All Star Game


Now who did I vote for? Well… look below to see!

I voted for:

American League

                                                                         First Base:
                                                                     Teixeira, M., NYY
                                                  Second Base:
                                                 Kinsler, I., TEX



                                           Third Base:
                        Longoria, E., TB

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if (window.showTocToggle) { var tocShowText = "show"; var tocHideText = "hide"; showTocToggle(); }


if (window.showTocToggle) { var tocShowText = "show"; var tocHideText = "hide"; showTocToggle(); }


                                    Jeter, D., NYY
Mauer, J., MIN
Bay, J., BOS
Jason Bay 3.jpg Outfielder:
Crawford, C., TB

.Carl Crawford

Suzuki, I., SEA
Ichiro Suzuki
Here’s my picks for the NL: 

document.write(” “);

National League

First Base:
Pujols, A., STL
Second Base:
Utley, C., PHI
Third Base:
Wright, D., NYM
Ramirez, H., FLA
McCann, B., ATL
Braun, R., MIL
Ibañez, R., PHI
Kemp, M., LAD
Now what I dont understand is the write- in process. I mean the write- in is for the unknown guy who does awesome right BUT HE HAS TO BE OFF THE BALLOT. That’s what really throws me off because say I wanted to have Pujols and A. Gone in the all-star game I wouldn’t be able to and I think they are both amazing players.

Adrian Gonzalez


 Albert Pujols
Smiley-face by
Will Longoria stay in the top overall votes spot? Will Teixeira beat out Youk? ( I’m putting my money on that Julia… : ) ) and most importantly which side do i root for this weekend!!! ( It’s the Yanks versus the Rays)
Who will win???  

Third Time’s The Charm!

Wow, I have been thinking. You know baseball is really a game of numbers and statistics, right? So there’s got to be some odd occurences that happen during the 162 game season right? Well I just figured out baseball is all a game of 3’s.

Three by jonesprimavera.

Yep, a game of threes. I mean how many homeruns did the two men below each achieve on Monday back to back?

Jermaine Dye by eichelberger_greg.

That’s right Three Hundred! 

View Image

of these

View Image

Now, how many runs did Corey Hart slug in today with his homer?

corey hart by (♥♥!$#@♥9~KkjeNn~9♥@#$!♥♥).


( I had to give him props he’s on my fantasy team!)

Last one for you. What do these two men have on common (besides the fact that they are great baseball players)?

Babe Ruth by Roger Bruce  


Evan Longoria by nittanylion1991.

  You got it. They are both wearing number…


Did I mention three strikes yer out?

And You're Outta There! by Chad Horwedel.

Let’s just let Weaver and Longoria take it away shall we… 

  Jered Weaver and Evan Longoria  

Happy Day After Easter!

    The Manoman       

Opening Night Was Such a Delight!

Wow! What a crazy Opening Night! It was filled with homers.


Great pitching…

Not so great pitching…











and a Battle between two NL East Teams

philadelphia phillies home field blanket by

versus the

File:ATL Braves.PNG

But this battle paled in comparison to the one these guys are gonna have in the ALCS this year.

Bronx Celebration by Cdn Antman.

let's all celebrate and have a good time  - celebration - we go celebrate and have a good time. by dbadair.

Happy Opening Week Everyone!

The Manoman

Fantastic Fantasy Frenzy!!

It’s fantasy time and I’m going crazy!!!

     Going crazy by martbeee.

That’s right it’s fantasy time!!!

Mr. Happy Clock by faeryboots *away for the weekend!*.

Will I get Longo, CC, Rivera, Upton? You’ll just have to read on to find out…

Reading books: Only Sky's the Limit! by Seite-3.

F.decorate(_ge(‘button_bar’), F._photo_button_bar).bar_go_go_go(140261373, 0);
 My game plan:

The Game Plan (2007) by CCY0927.

I want to get a quality 3B in the 1st round since my keeper is Ryan Braun and I am picking last then with the 1st pick of the 2nd round I want to get a 2B.

What I had in mind was:

AAAA8833 by Keith Allison.


Warming Up by KAZ Mom.

Though what I got was…

Evan Longoria celebrates by dbadair.


Ian Kinsler. by paperbag_face.

Why not end this post with a little laughter huh?

Laughter by metrognome0.



Monkey by Stuck in Customs.

Live happy.

The Manoman



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Let the Games….Begin!!!

Spring training is finally here! Yes! Baseball is back!!

The games have arrived and now there will be more action before! This will be a season filled with excitement and surprise.

.Fantasy Baseball by StuffEyeSee.

Will the Phillies repeat? Will the Yankees win it all? Will the Mets suffer another collapse? You never know in the game of baseball. One thing I do know though is that the Yankees played a great game today. Our pitching was phenomenal and A-Rod crushed the ball into the stands.

.Alex Rodriguez's 500th HR by danny wild.

Today the Rays unfortunately got shut out by the Reds 7-0 but they still played hard and are destined to have another spectacular season. Especially since my man Longoria is on the squad.




Along with the games beginning I would like to make two announcements.

1. I will be holding a mock draft with MLBloggers on either March 14th or 15th at about 7:00. So far bloggers such as cube, cheeky, and King of Cali have signed up and there are only 8 spots remaining. Let me know if you want to join in on the action.


Two by Unspeakably Awesome.


2. I would like to say that my 100th comment has been left and it was from… me! So, I’m going to give a shout out to the person who left me my 101st comment…


The King of Cali!

You can get to his blog via http://king The King commented on my O-Dawg article and wrote (typed):

I would like to try your fantasy draft. What day and time are you planning on doing it?

                                                             ~King of Cali

Thanks King for the comment. I also would like to give another shoutout to all my loyal readers who read my blog including Julia, Cheeky, Marsh o Man, and Cube. You can get to Julia, Cheeky, and Cube’s blogs by clicking on the links below.





Long live baseball!

The Manoman