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The New Guys

Kevin Youkilis, Travis Hafner, and Vernon Wells are currently leading the Yankees to a 10-8 record and 2nd place in the AL East. Please take the time to reread that last sentence, and when you do, keep in mind that this is 2013, not 2008. Youkilis, a former Red Sox; Hafner, an oft-injured swing-for-the-fences hitter; and Vernon Wells, a seven-year, $126 million bust, are leading the Yankee offense (with a little help from a guy named Robinson Cano). Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and Curtis Granderson are all injured, therefore, someone had to step up to the plate, literally. Take a look at these numbers:

Through 16 games:

Kevin Youkilis: .295 BA/2 HR/9 RBI

Travis Hafner: .319 BA/5 HR/10 RBI

Vernon Wells: .317 BA/5 HR/8 RBI

However, the real question is whether these reborn sluggers can keep up the pace. Both Hafner and Wells have nose-dived off a cliff in terms of production the past couple of years, and Youkilis has seemingly been on the decline since the trade to the White Sox at the Trade Deadline last year. Regardless, watching these elder statesmen attempt to recapture their former glory should be an entertaining endeavor, and one that could potentially result in a championship for the New York Yankees.

Travis Hafner has as many stolen bases as Brett Gardner. Just saying.

The Manoman

You-Kill-Us Kevin

Congratulations Boston you just signed your first baseman to a 4 year $41.25 million contract. Four more years of Youkillis to come. Here’s how us Yankee fans feel about that.


2254685502_84568f8ec9.jpgWe also don’t appreciate you locking up Dustin Pedroia to a 6 year 50 million dollar deal the other day.

kevin_youkilis_dustin_pedroia_red_sox.jpg                                   You know who you are, don’t look away.


                     Our players also have very strong feelings towards Kevin.


small Manny and Youk.jpg                                                    Sorry, Wrong Photo… 


  OK, That’s more like it. This guy…
joba pump.jpg

                           Threw this ball…











                          at Youkilis’ head! Talk about spreading the love!


                                   Baseball is around the corner!

                                           The Manoman