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Extra! Extra! My Blog Was On the Homepage!

Now the Hot Stove has cooled down and general managers are waiting… Where do you guys think Manny will go?

— MLB -Yankees-Rays…Forever
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I would like to thank all of my readers, especially Julia, Marsh o Man, Dan/ Cheeky, and Mark, for making my blog on the Homepage!!!
It is a great honor and I really appreciate it. Here is how I discovered this epic honor:
It was February 2nd 2009, I was tired, sleepy, and getting ready to go to sleep when I decided to go onto the internet one last time for the day. I decided I wanted to take a peek at and see if there were any major signings that happened. Once I discovered that there were none I was going to go to sleep when I thought, why not go and see if I have any more comments? I scrolled down the screen very slowly, as I was tired you see, and what I saw completely woke me up from my midnight gaze. There it was, right there on the website, a comment from my Manny post. I rubbed my eyes again to make sure I wasn’t dreaming    ( I have had some crazy dreams like this before) and I was not. “Oh my gosh!!!!” I said jumping up and down. I was in complete astonishment, and better yet, when I checked my blog I had about 5 new comments! I was amazed and I thought I would faint in joy. Talk about having a great night’s sleep, huh?

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On a side note… Manny just rejected a 1 year $25 million deal from the Dodgers. Who knows what his is looking for in today’s economy?
                     Minnesota State College and Universities 

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Now the Hot Stove has cooled down and general managers are waiting… Where do you guys think Manny will go?

— MLB -Yankees-Rays…Forever
                          1 week remaining until pitchers and catchers report!
                                                The Manoman

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The Big Debate: Manny or No Manny?

Now the Hot Stove has cooled down and general managers are waiting, but everyone wants to know, who will sign this guy. Where do you guys think Manny will go?

                                                      The Manoman

Manny Ramirez by horowitzisaac. 

Manny Being Manny by StarrGazr.

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Tic-Tek-Toe, Where Will Varitek Go?

This is a serious question. This could determine the fate of the Red Sox Nation. This could make grown men cry and women weep. What is the question you ask? Well it is……….

                                       Where will Jason Varitek play in 2009?



                                          Duh, Duh, Dun, Duhhhhhhhhh


The stage is set, the cameras are ready, and tonight we are interviewing Jason Varitek by                                    special guest of honor Ryan Seacrest!!!


                                  We’re on in 5……. 4……3…….2………1………. and                                                          it’s  showtime!!!

Ryan: Hello everyone, I’m Ryan Seacrest and today I am being joined by Jason Varitek on the Manoman Morning Show! Today I am going to ask Jason about his offseason, what he’s doing to train and what his plans are for this upcoming season.

Jason: Hey Ryan, so how are you doing today.

Ryan: Great, you?

Jason: I’m doing awesome.

Ryan: So what are you doing this offseason? 

Jason: Well, I’m playing golf, training, and hanging out with my kids.

Ryan: How are you training for the upcoming season?

Jason: I lift weights, go running, and go training with my teamates.

Ryan: You been speaking to Manny lately?

Jason: Yeah, we keep in touch. I don’t think what he did at the Trade Deadline was right though.

Ryan: What do you think about Manny’s free agency?

Jason: He shouldn’t have demanded so much money at the beginning of the offseason but Manny is a great player and a good guy. I think he will be signed soon though.

Ryan: How about your own contract situation?

Jason: I was looking at my potential suitors and I am in contract discussions with the Red Sox. The fact that they have already offered me a contract and that I have played with them for so many years is definetly influencing my decision.

Ryan: Is Curt Schilling influencing your decision at all?

Jason: Yes, but to a minor degree. It’s good to get input from the players I’ve played with.

Ryan: So Jason, this is my final question. Who do you want to sign with this offseason.

Jason: You know what Ryan, I want to sign with my Red Sox.

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Jason Varitek, with that decision you have just saved all of Red Sox Nation, grown men and women, and Ryan Seacrest. Even though I am a Rays and Yankees fan, I’m cool with Varitek resigning with the Sox because he is their captain, and if they lost him it would be like losing Derek Jeter or Evan Longoria from the Yankees and Rays.
                                               Enjoy your captain Red Sox Nation!
                                                             The Manoman



The Story of This Offseason

      The weather is chilly

     The Hot Stove’s cooling down

     Some General Managers were so silly

     Letting their players leave town


     Footballs are flying

    Baseballs are being cooled

    Yankee fans are dying

   To see the Red Sox get schooled


   The stars are training

  Getting ready for the season

  While others are demanding huge contracts

  Practically for no reason


 Some teams are getting bargains

 Some players are getting deals

 And the Hall of Fame just inducted someone                                  

Who’s got some pair of wheels


A candle is alone flickering

Waiting for its time

To go join a team

With its own fantasy rhyme


Boras is speechless

As quiet as can be

Still demanding huge contracts

For some players worth a penny


So that’s the story of this offseason

From Dunn, to Abreu, to Manny

How many are left without contracts

And those people are a plenty





Embrace who you have and desire who you need

Go tell your General Manager and be sure to plead!


The Manoman

You-Kill-Us Kevin

Congratulations Boston you just signed your first baseman to a 4 year $41.25 million contract. Four more years of Youkillis to come. Here’s how us Yankee fans feel about that.


2254685502_84568f8ec9.jpgWe also don’t appreciate you locking up Dustin Pedroia to a 6 year 50 million dollar deal the other day.

kevin_youkilis_dustin_pedroia_red_sox.jpg                                   You know who you are, don’t look away.


                     Our players also have very strong feelings towards Kevin.


small Manny and Youk.jpg                                                    Sorry, Wrong Photo… 


  OK, That’s more like it. This guy…
joba pump.jpg

                           Threw this ball…











                          at Youkilis’ head! Talk about spreading the love!


                                   Baseball is around the corner!

                                           The Manoman