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The New Guys

Kevin Youkilis, Travis Hafner, and Vernon Wells are currently leading the Yankees to a 10-8 record and 2nd place in the AL East. Please take the time to reread that last sentence, and when you do, keep in mind that this is 2013, not 2008. Youkilis, a former Red Sox; Hafner, an oft-injured swing-for-the-fences hitter; and Vernon Wells, a seven-year, $126 million bust, are leading the Yankee offense (with a little help from a guy named Robinson Cano). Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and Curtis Granderson are all injured, therefore, someone had to step up to the plate, literally. Take a look at these numbers:

Through 16 games:

Kevin Youkilis: .295 BA/2 HR/9 RBI

Travis Hafner: .319 BA/5 HR/10 RBI

Vernon Wells: .317 BA/5 HR/8 RBI

However, the real question is whether these reborn sluggers can keep up the pace. Both Hafner and Wells have nose-dived off a cliff in terms of production the past couple of years, and Youkilis has seemingly been on the decline since the trade to the White Sox at the Trade Deadline last year. Regardless, watching these elder statesmen attempt to recapture their former glory should be an entertaining endeavor, and one that could potentially result in a championship for the New York Yankees.

Travis Hafner has as many stolen bases as Brett Gardner. Just saying.

The Manoman

Yankees Lose CC and Pettitte to Injuries


“Guys are going to have to step up”, said Yankee manager Joe Girardi, following his team’s 5-4 win over the Cleveland Indians.

The Yankees, riding on a 5-game winning streak, were struck by the injury bug once again on Thursday. Earlier in the day, they learned that CC Sabathia was headed to the DL with a groin strain, and then in the fifth inning of the team’s win over the Indians, Andy Pettitte was struck by a one-hopper off the bad of Indians 1B Casey Kotchman. Following diagnostic tests after the game, it was discovered that he suffered a fractured right ankle and would be out for a minimum of six weeks, certainly not the news the organization was hoping to hear.

In response to the injuries to Sabathia and Pettitte, the Yankees have called up 24-year-old Adam Warren to fill the rotation spot left vacant by Sabathia and have moved Freddy Garcia from the long relief role into the starting rotation.

“[Warren’s] not quite ready yet, but he’s getting there”, said one minor-league talent evaluator prior to hearing of his move into the Yankees starting rotation.

The injuries to Sabathia and Pettitte also increase the sense of urgency in the organization to make a deal and acquire an arm, although GM Brian Cashman has stated that he would prefer not to go down that route. However, if he does decide to do so, some potential targets include Houston’s Wandy Rodriguez and Minnesota’s Francisco Liriano.

Either way, the Yankees are going to have to keep producing offensively to help back their pitching staff and hold the fort down until Sabathia and Pettitte return.

A Treasure Map for the Yankees 28th Title

Now that the Cardinals’ miraculous comeback season has come to a close, its time to move onto the Yankees and their plan of attack in pursuit of title number 28.

I’ve got the map and I’m ready to go searching….

  1. Resign Brian Cashman

Brian Cashman

Brian has been instrumental to the formation of the modern day Yankees. He’s drafted stars such as Robinson Cano, Ian Kennedy, and Austin Jackson and then used his chips (Kennedy, A-Jax) to spring a deal for one of the greatest outfielders in the game, Curtis Granderson. Since being named GM in 1998, Cashman’s Yanks have won 4 World Championships and have 6 AL Pennant Titles. He spent his money, for the most part (A.J. BURNett I’m talking to you) wisely, and without him the organization wouldn’t be where it is today.

2. Sign CC Sabathia to a 5 year $130 million deal

CC Sabathia

Without CC Sabathia, the Yankees rotation this year would have been anchored by A.J. Burnett. Scary, isn’t it? That’s why it is instrumental for the Yankees to resign CC for next year and beyond. Coming off consecutive 19 win seasons the price will be steep, but being as CC is entering his age 33 season, it is imperative that the Yankees lock him up for 5 years, no more, no less, so that they aren’t straddled with a pitcher on the decline in his age 38 season.

3. Pick up Swisher’s Option

Nick Swisher

The Yankees need Swisher, and Swisher needs the Yankees. His egregious personality brightens the Yankees clubhouse and in comparison to a guy like Carlos Beltran, $10.25 million is worth spending in order to keep Swisher for another year. Also a stat line of .260 · 23 · 85 is pretty good if I may say so myself.

4. Sign Mark Buehrle to a 2 year, $21 million deal

Mark Buehrle

Buehrle is exactly the type of pitcher that the Yankees desperately needed this past season; a semi-quality innings eater that can give you 180-200 innings a year with an ERA under 4. His stuff isn’t deadly, but his craftiness and precision is what defines his game. A 2 year deal ensures that there is not a lengthly commitment and the $21 million shouldn’t kill the Yankees, even if he posts a 4.25 ERA and 175 innings next year.

5. Allow Dellin Betances, A.J. Burnett and Manny Banuelos to Battle for the 5th Rotation Spot in Spring Training

Dellin Betances

A.J. Burnett

Manny Banuelos

The Three Big “B’s”

Allowing Burnett, Betances, and Banuelos to battle for the 5th spot in Spring Training will bring out the best in the three, and show A.J. that just because he is expensive, it doesn’t mean that he is guaranteed a rotation spot. If one of the two young guns gets the spot, he will be regulated to long relief and the other prospect will return to the AAA rotation. If A.J. wins it however, Betances and Banuelos will return to the Triple A rotation until the inevitable injury occurs or Burnett is slumping.



And with that, X marks the spot. Next year: Yankees: 2012 World Series Champions!

It’s offseason time.

The Manoman


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    No!!! It happened!!! 

    Yes, by this photo you can probably tell, but Melky has been traded to the Braves for Javier Vazquez!
    Go to fullsize image
    But why?????
    Let’s take a look
    Go to fullsize image
    (Yes that is a magnifying glass with a baseball glove. You can find anything on the internet nowadays : )

    Go to fullsize image

     Going to the Yankees:
                                      Javier Vazquez

    Phillip Javier Vazquez ...

                                    Boone Logan!


    Go to fullsize image


    Go to fullsize image 
    Going to the Braves
        Melky Cabrera couldn't ...


    ... yankee stadium michael dunn

                                                               Mike Dunn!!!
    Arodys Vizcaino! (I don’t really know who he is)
    What really breaks my heart is the loss of Melky. I’m sure he’s being put on sedatives to make it through the night without Robbie.
     Go to fullsize image
    Extra! Extra! New movie The HeartBreaker coming out tomorrow! Starring…
    Javier Vazquez as the heartbreaker
    Go to fullsize image
    Melky Cabrera and Robinson Cano as the happy couple
    Go to fullsize image
    Brian Cashman as the therapist!
     Go to fullsize image
    What’s gonna happen to Got Melk? or the Melk-Man shirts? I can’t even begin to imagine…
    Go to fullsize image
    On a more serious note. How will the Yankees plans for 2010 Be affected by this? Let’s find out…
    Yankees Plans 2010
    Our Rotation
    CC Sabathia
    A.J. Burnett
    Andy Pettitte
    Javier Vázquez
    Joba Chamberlain
    The reason I put Javy after Andy is because Andy is a lefty and Javy is a righty, I wanted to mix it up for the opposing team and not give 2 staight righties to face in a series.
    I will miss my Melky and I’m sure Robbie Cano will too.
    Melky Cabrera se recupera y ...
    He always believed he could fly.
    The Manoman

    Merry Teix-mas!

    Wow. That was out of the blue. The Yankees just signed former Angels All-Star 1st baseman Mark Teixeira to a reported 8 year 180 million dollar deal December 23, 2008. This has been an amazing off-season for the Yankees, from Sabathia, to Burnett, and now Teixeira. It looks like the $27 million luxury tax placed on the Yankees didn’t really affect their plans this off-season as they have, arguably, the top 3 free agents available. The Mark Teixeira acquistion though has both its pros and cons.


         Go to fullsize image The Mark Teixeira Acquistion Go to fullsize image

    Mark TeixeiraMark Teixeira



    1. They have Teixeira for 8 years and he is a consistent, power hitter
    2. Teixeira is a gold-glove 1st baseman, which is a serious up grade over Jason Giambi.
    3. Teixeira is relatively young, 29, and has alot of skills left on his plate
    4. Mark is adjusted to both the American and National leagues
    5. Most Yankee fans will be happy about this acquistion and come to see more games 



    1. They signed Teixeira for eight whole years, and if he doesn’t put up his part is anyone thinking of the next Kevin Brown?
    2. He will be 37 at the end of his contract which is pretty old for a baseball player
    3. He will be blocking the up-rising of Yankee first basemen for eight years which could prevent a top prospect from coming out onto the bigs.
    4. He will cause a log jam with the outfield since Swisher is going to be an outfielder and the Yankees now have six outfielders, Nick Swisher, Xavier Nady, Hideki Matsui, Johnny Damon, Melky Cabrera, and Brett Gardner.
    5. This will envoke more Yankee haters into saying “Money can’t buy a World Series!”


    This is my response to that last con. The Yankees waited patiently and gave all the other teams their chance to get Teix. The Yankees bid about as much as the Nationals did and it was Mark Teixeira’s preference to sign with the Yankees. You can’t say that money completely bought Teixeira over to the Yankees in this situation if you think about it.

    I probably won’t be able to post from 12/24 to12/31 because it is the holidays and I am going on vacation.


    Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

    The Manoman