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Capping Off the Christmas Wait With a Crisp Ending…

Ahhhh… the closer….

 There are the great….

Mariano Rivera

The damaged goods…

Phillies closer Brad Lidge ...

and then… there’s Matt Capps

/Getty Images Matt Capps ...

Now let’s look at the scienario shall we?

You’re a Pirate

Pirate | (Le ...

But not just any pirate, you are the guy that finishes the job, their savior…


and then, they give you the axe

Medieval Axe - Executioner

So what do you do? You move on of course… but to where?

Do you want to be in the Nation’s Capital?

... meet: The White House Again

or become a Cub?

Bear Cub - Corel ©

Yeah, I think the answer is pretty obvious at this point which is why Matt Capps is now the closer of the guys in D.C.!

Washington Nationals own ...

(Yes, even the owl is going crazy)

Now onto my exclusive interview with the Athletics Spokes”man”: the A-Gnome!

Would you want a box of Coco Crisp?

BOSTON at Seattle, Saturday ...

“I would! How much is it?”

Sir it is 5 million dollars but in it comes with your very own Coco Crisp action figure that can play centerfield and run very fast!

“It’s a done deal!”

and that is how Coco Crisp came to be on the team by the Bay, the Oakland Athletics…

Oakland Athletics Pictures ...

Happy Holidays!!!

The Manoman



Happy Holidays!

This entry is dedicated to the holidays and winter. Here are just some tidbits of holiday happiness:


The snow here in the North East is up to four inches and counting. Talk about a winter wonderland!                                                                                          Go to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageGo to fullsize imageGo to fullsize image


The holidays are right around the corner and there’s a strong possibility of a White Christmas this year.


Rocco Baldelli received an early holiday present last week when he discovered that his doctors mis-diagnosed him with mitochondial disease, a non treatable disease which causes fatigue and the mitochondria cannot produce alot of energy (ATP). My cousin also has it so I know its a difficult disease to live through. Rocco discovered he really had channel-opothy, a non-progressive, highly treatable disease. This will definetly aid him with his free agency.


Mark Teixeira will make a decision on a team this week, according to a Major League Source, bringing a present to whichever team signs him. This will finally end all his controversy surrounding his free agency.


The Giambino is also likely to bring a holiday present to the Oakland A’s as he is speaking with Billy Beane on bringing him back to Oakland for 2-3 years.


Well, that’s all for today. Remember, I encourage you to leave comments and enjoy my blog.


Enjoy the last days of 08′!


The Manoman