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From A-Rod to A-Fraud to A-Roid to A-OK?

What a whirlwind the past couple of weeks have been for Alex Rodriguez. From Torre to steroids you could expect nothing less from A-Rod right now. 2 weeks ago, A-Rod was called A-Fraud by Joe Torre in his new book The Yankee Years. In the book, as you probably know,
The Yankee Years.jpgTorre shared his harsh feelings on the Yankees. From his problems with management, to his mix ups with some players it looks like Torre’s supposedly “perfect” era managing the Yankees isn’t exactly the fairy tale that it supposedly was. Pairing with Verducci to create this expressive book, Joe created a minor stirral in the Yankee organization compared to what big event would follow. One that would take A-Fraud to the next level and create the monstrosity known as A-Roid. In the latest issue of Sports Illustrated, it was reported by Selena Roberts that A-Rod used a banned substance known as Primobolan from 2001-2003. Primobolan is often referred to as a baseball drug since it doesn’t give you Pop-Eye Muscles after he eats spinach. Is  A-Rod really A-Roid?                                    Say it ain’t so, but it’s so.
   On Monday, February 11th A-Rod admitted to using a banned substance and that he was young, nieve and is now deeply regretful about that decision to ESPN’s Peter Gammons, who interviewed him on his steroid abuse.

(I’m Sorry, but I had to put that in here)


 So how will this affect the rest of the world of baseball? Well, Roy Oswalt has harsh feelings against A-Rod:

Roy Oswalt.jpg

He said that all of A-Rod’s numbers should not count and that if he could, he would erase them all. Imagine what would happen if he used steroids.


Also, our very own commisioner, Bud Selig is thinking about erasing Barry Bonds numbers because of this incident. I am glad that this finally got brought up but it shouldn’t have been because of A-Rod using steroids. It should have been brought up a long time ago.
                                                                       File:Article bud selig.jpg 
Will the A-Roid Saga end A-Okay? Only time will tell.
Now to end this post I have one easy question for you: What does Madonna, divorce, controversial plays, steroids, scrunitization, and fraudity equal? One answer…
You Got It
Spring training is finally here!!!
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